Caravan’s Kitchen

Caravan kitchens are crafted with immense attention to details such that one cannot differentiate between a home kitchen and a kitchen setup in a caravan / RV. Just because the kitchen is designed inside a caravan doesn’t mean it cannot be spacious. In fact, almost all caravan kitchens have a lot of space without any compromise being made on the essentials. If you find your kitchen excessively messed up, then it’s probably because you have not managed things properly.

Follow these simple tips to maximize the space in your caravan’s kitchen.

Prioritize the Items

Prioritizing items starts right at the beginning when the plan for the road trip is being made. You really need to control yourself from taking every item with you on the trip. Just take the bare minimum with which you would be able to cook food easily without the need for elaborate preparations. Similarly, you can manage eating food out of a bowl or a single plate. There is absolutely no need to take your entire collection. Keep it simple, keep it minimalistic, and you should be good to go.

Avoid Round Containers

Any cube or cuboid shaped container will take up less space in the caravan as compared to round or odd shaped containers. It is important for you to understand that storage efficiency has greater significance than presentation. I personally prefer containers that stack up. These can be stacked one inside the other which reduces the storage space considerably. You could also opt for reusable bags. These are gaining popularity due to their eco-friendliness and cost effectiveness.

Store Loose Items Carefully

Store all loose items such as cutlery in drawers or boxes before hitting the road. Take some time out before the journey to plan the storage of the items so that they don’t crack or take up excessive space. All sharp objects such as knives need to be kept away so that they don’t end up in the wrong places and cause harm. Tape off some items together if required. At least this would ensure that they remain intact without moving around a lot.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow

Creativity is the best way to maintain a spacious environment inside your caravan. If the kitchen is of appropriate dimensions, then you could use hanging bags or even jars screwed to the ceiling as storage containers. Keep things out of sight as much as possible as it would keep the place tidy and free from clutter. You could also come up with designs that incorporate cleverly crafted furniture with hidden compartments or concealed storage spaces. The possibilities are limited only by the extent of your creativity.

Clean Your Caravan Kitchen Regularly

Keep your caravan’s kitchen clean and make sure you give it a scrubbing every now and then, even if it is not in active use. Long periods without use can cause bacteria and microbial filth to accumulate. There is also the possibility of development of moulds and mildew. Treating the damaged parts is more cumbersome and expensive than cleaning the caravan periodically. It takes care of the clutter too. A clean and well managed caravan kitchen will definitely appear spacious and have a much pleasant ambiance as well.

July 14, 2015 — admin