Inflatable Awnings

Have you come across an inflatable caravan awning for sale yet? These are really useful awnings that can be set up easily without any hassle. The time that is saved can be spent on enjoyment and having fun with your friends and family. Inflatable tents have actually been around for decades, but it’s only in the past two or three years that mainstream tent brands have to embrace the concept.

Inflatable awnings have always provided a great degree of convenience to caravanners with the entire structure getting erected with the help of an inflating tool (such as air pump). Developments in the design of this particular awning type have also resulted in the creation of inflatable drive-away caravan awnings. Isn’t that cool?

What are Inflatable Annexes?
Inflatable annexes are basically come with creating an add-on the room, which can either be attached to the vehicle or left free standing and assembled in just a couple of minutes thanks to its innovative design, inflatable ribs and arches. All doors and windows are fitted with 3 different layers including fine mesh, plastic window and a privacy panel, ladder straps and guy ropes all-round ensure your annexe is also taught when pegging it to the ground.

What are Inflatable Awnings?

Inflatable awnings are basically awnings that come with ready-fitted piping in a strong material which, once inflated to an appropriate pressure, complete a solid structure. Almost all inflatable awnings come with their own tent structures, a groundsheet that has been sewn in, and a connecting point for the foot pump that is used to inflate the entire structure. The presence of isolation valves ensures that the structure does not deflate accidentally.

The pressure inside the awning needs to be maintained within specified limits in order to keep the awning properly erected. Too less or too much air can cause the structure to come up unevenly. When buying an inflatable caravan awning, make sure that you look out for features such as ventilation, the location of doors and windows, etc. It is best if you select the awning as per your preference(s).

Pros and Cons

The pros of an inflatable caravan awning are:

  • Compared to awnings with poles, inflatable awnings are much simpler and easier to use. Once the structure is inflated, you would have to peg them down like other tents. But apart from that, everything can be put up in no time at all.
  • This is a quick alternative for creating some much needed personal space for living or for using as a temporary storage unit.
  • With no bulky metal poles in the structure, the overall weight should be easy enough to manage.
  • The absence of metal poles helps to minimize the risk of accidents.

The cons of an inflatable caravan awning are:

  • The poles in the support structure are integrated into the design itself and this prevents it from being removed. This adds to the overall bulk which needs to be managed as a single unit.
  • From a cost perspective, the inflatable awnings tend to be more expensive than the traditional options which have metal poles in their structural design.

Impact on Caravan Insurance

Inflatable awnings do not come under any of the general provisions in the caravan insurance cover. However, an inflatable awning can be covered under a specialist policy. All you need to do is to ensure that the cost value of the cover is sufficient enough to compensate for any loss that can occur. For a better understanding of the impact of inflatable awnings on your caravan’s insurance cover, consult with a legal expert or caravan insurance providers. They should be able to guide you and explain the applicable terms of the policy as applicable in your region.

May 07, 2015 — admin