Dometic PerfectWall

RV awning can be one of the most vital and useful accessory out there when it comes to recreational vehicles. They are very functional and can provide you with many benefits. It provides you shelter and a life saver from a unbearable sun.

Dometic Awning provides you with the two main stream awnings, PerfectWall and PerfectRoof, which you can consider as the perfect awning for every vehicle. All the Dometic Awnings stand out with their super quality finish and distinctive details but these two are the most compact, lightweight as well as the most convenient solution awning available in the market. This series of awnings have several unique selling points. The huge range of accessories makes the awning fir for every challenge and makes the life on the move, more beautiful, convenient and comfortable.

"We are proud to be able to offer every customer the whole bandwidth of sun and weather protection, with products exactly geared for their vehicles," says Joachim Kinscher, President Dometic EMEA. Dometic Group provides all the entry level products to the high end products just under one roof. You can choose the awning according to your need, as if you are traveling to a sunny region, you can choose the specific one for yourself. And the awning are even available i different sizes which makes it compatible with every type of vehicle.

Dometic Group even provides awning according to the people interests and likings. Those people who like to have comfort in all over there move, they can opt for the legless 12-volt motor awning which slides out very simply just at the touch of a button. This give you total freedom of mobility in the front area of the vehicle. To provide you with this feeling, Dometic has backed it up with the heavy duty patented arm joints and a wind sensor which reacts automatically when there is too much of wind. the Dometic PerfectRoof PR 4500 is available in plenty of different model versions with various features and functions, available in all common lengths and extension depths complete, the range of comfort awnings for roof mounting.

The people who are adventure enthusiasts are also very specific in their choice. They most likely will prefer something from the collection of classic awning models with supported legs. These awning come in attractive fabric and housing colors, and in all common sizes, so there's a matching model for every vehicle. The patented Easy Lock system holds the support legs in place. The Dometic PerfectWall PW 3500 comes in comprehensive range of of accessories. The Group ensures there is a matching awning for each type of vehicle regardless of, if its a roof or wall mount product.

Dometic Group delivers a ample amount of choices in side walls, privacy and rain protection panels. It helps the costumers, highlighting each and every character of every Dometic Awning.

December 26, 2015 — admin