Caravan Theft

Who isn’t worried about caravan thefts? I mean, it is a very possible occurrence and it is important for a caravanner to take all measures to prevent such a theft. Not only would it cause a hefty financial loss to the person, but it could also involve the loss of personal articles that might have been kept in the van.

Even if you have caravan insurance, there are a lot of hassles before you actually get reimbursed for your loss. Moreover, nothing can reimburse the loss of intangible valuables. But the caravan insurance can assure you financial recovery from the theft in the event that such a situation arises. Make sure you never skip your premium payment. If you think the premium amount is too much, then there are ways to reduce the premium on your caravan insurance.

Prevention is always better than cure. So use the following tips for securing your caravan and minimizing the chances for theft.

Choose the Right Location for Parking / Camping

Location is always the most important factor when it comes to preventing theft of the caravan. Whether you are just parking the vehicle or setting up camp, you need to ensure that the place is safe and does not compromise the safety of the RV. When the caravan is not in use, consider keeping it locked in a shed as opposed to putting it out in the open. During road trips, avoid parking in lonely spots as these are the most targeted areas by thieves.

Use the Right Locks

Using the right set of locks for the various parts of the caravan can actually bring about a world of difference in terms of securing the caravan against theft. Common locks for caravans include:

  • Coupling Lock

This is placed on top of the coupling and prevents the coupling latch from being lifted without consent. When the caravan is attached to the towing vehicle, the coupling lock ensures that the caravan does not detach from the towing ball during motion. The lock also prevents any other vehicle from coupling with the caravan when the actual towing vehicle is not connected to it.

  • Universal Coupling Lock

The universal coupling lock is compatible with various couplings as long as they lie within a specific size range. The basic design of this lock comprises a tow ball where the coupling attaches. In order to secure this hold, a lockable bar is used. This lock is suitable for use in conditions when the caravan is uncoupled from the towing vehicle.

  • Wheel Lock

As the name suggests, the lock makes the caravan immobile by locking the wheels in place and preventing any form of movement. The device has a simple operation and has one of the most effective anti-theft capabilities.

  • Pad Lock and Chain

The pad lock and chain arrangement may not be the most secure anti-theft measure in the market, but it definitely helps to deter the thief by creating obstacles and delays. By the time the chain and lock are freed, there is a high probability that someone would have heard the commotion and might have come near the vehicle.

Get Data Dot Tagging

This is a result of technological innovation. Data Dot tagging involves the use of MicroDOTs which are merely metallic flakes that have that a unique code laser etched into them multiple times. The dots are very fine, almost microscopic in nature and it would take a monumental effort to find them all and remove them. These Data Dots can be sprayed or brushed onto the caravan with numbers in the order of thousands of individual patches. This makes it really difficult for the thief to steal the caravan and dispose it. Alternatively, the more visible VIN number is also helpful in locating a lost caravan. You just need to know where to locate the VIN number on the caravan.

Integrate GPS Tracking in Your Caravan

This is the most tried and tested method for securing a vehicle and preventing theft. For around USD 200, you can get a dedicated GPS tracking kit installed on your caravan. There are various configurations available for GPS tracking units and it largely depends on the extent of security as well as convenience of usage that you desire. It is interesting to note that GPS was thought to be a product of fiction not too long ago. But it is a commercially implemented product and has already proved its worth by saving people from pretty hefty losses.


March 14, 2015 — admin