Retractable Patio Awnings

Mildew is a common problem that caravanners need to manage on a rather regular basis. This happens when the awning is left unattended and remains dirty for long periods, thereby leading to the development of mildew. If you think about it, all of this can be managed easily with periodic maintenance of your caravan. Even if you have not taken out the caravan for quite a long time, it is quite possible that the dust and other debris (that have settled on it) could cause mildew. Such things can turn out to be a problem if not checked in time.

Retractable patio awnings are a great addition to the list of caravan accessories as the awning can be set up pretty quickly and you can have your very own personal shade just about anywhere you park the RV. Not only do the retraction systems need maintenance, but the fabric also needs cleaning from time to time. What good will it do to have a fully functioning retractable patio awning without clean fabrics?

For removing mildew from the caravan awning’s fabric, use the following steps:

  • First of all, you need to identify the exact sections on the awning which have clear signs of mildew. This is important as you would not want to waste your efforts on unaffected sections of the fabric.
  • In terms of cleaning agent, it is better to use a mildew remover than using bleach. Surely, bleach would kill the mildew. But it will also discolour the fabric. This is an unwanted side effect of applying bleach.
  • Wet the awning completely before applying a coat of mildew remover on it. Once it has been applied, leave it to soak for some time.
  • Use a brush and plenty of water (preferably from a bucket) to scrub the mildew from the surface of the fabric.
  • Rinse well and repeat more than once if the mildew is stubborn and does not get off after a single scrubbing.

When you have finished cleaning the fabric, lay it out in the open under the sun and let it air dry. Do not be impatient. This drying process is crucial to ensure the safety of the fabric after cleaning. If it does not dry properly, then mildew could develop again sooner than you think. For best results, make sure you clean the fabric on a bright and sunny day.

Prevention is always better than cure. The best way to avoid having to scrub the awning for removing the mildew would be to remove dusts and hose down the awning every month. This will keep dust and dirt from accumulating in the fabric and the chances of the development of mildew would be reduced significantly.

April 10, 2015 — admin