Caravan holidays seem to be much-anticipated, especially in Australia, where people always have this go-getting image. They are not just adventurous & comfortable, but also your personal accommodation- anywhere and anytime. It is one of the primary reasons, therefore, that people love to take their caravan along- in all the vacations.

If you have a long distance trip in the making and are planning to take along your personal accommodation, the first thing that you would ponder is perhaps- is it safe? What if you are not prepared for an unforeseen incident? What will you do in bad weather conditions during your long distance trip?

Well, this blog will prepare you for our long distance caravan trip. Here is your complete guide.

Understand Australia’s long distances if you are a greenhorn here

If you haven’t visited Australia earlier and this is your first caravan tour here, you should know that the long distances in Australia separate the towns here. When you are travelling up north, you should be aware that most of the coastline in Western Australia or alongside the 875 mile Nullarbor Plain, which is the connecting link East to West, has towns that are situated at a good enough distance from each other.

Camping with caravan awnings at night

So, when you do see a town that looks mostly dilapidated, think again and take a break because this may be have a single or mostly basic motel. The next town may stretch too far away. In some of the towns in Australia, a road house may seem to be the only habitation. This proves to be a fuel break comprising of just basic accommodation. You can therefore pause your journey here and set up your caravan awning for a break.


Target not to cover over 200 kilometres a day

When you are driving with a towed caravan in a long distance tour, it becomes more tiring than a single vehicle drive. Most of the Australian caravan travelers, planning to cover long distance, start up early and target to reach their destination not later than noon. This includes the rest stops. It is not a good combo to take your towed caravan in the dark; especially if you are unaware about the road. That is why, try and target to cover not over 200 km a day on a long distance journey with a caravan.


Do not forget your caravan awning

Caravan awnings can provide you much-needed solace in the long distance journeys. They are absolutely imperative in the bad weather conditions that may strike any time. Also, they can help you take a pause whenever you feel like, helping you create your own personal accommodation.

Expanded Caravan Awnings

Fiamma awnings for the caravan in long distance journey are great for creating the personal space or restroom. Also, these awnings help you get a shaded room if the weather is too hot and humid. The fiamma awnings are highly recommended for a long distance caravan trip.

Fiamma Awnings
With these tips, you can definitely and safely take caravan for a long distance trip.
July 25, 2016 — admin