Roll-Out Awning for Jayco

If you need the comfort of your home even on extended travel plans, then Jayco caravans are the best RV for you. There are various caravan manufacturers, but only few are able to deliver the comfort and convenience like Jayco. Moreover, these caravans are specially equipped with such features that allow you to enjoy long road trips. This is exactly what you need if you travel a lot and often get last minute schedule additions which increase the number of miles that you need to cover.

Irrespective of the type of caravan that you may have, it is always important to get the right accessory for it. If you have a world class RV and do not use a high quality caravan annexe or awning, then you are simply letting your investments go to waste. Now, you need to understand the mechanism of a roll-out caravan awning before you make any attempts to set it up. It might appear to be simple, but trust me, without a clear understanding of the mechanism, you can end up creating a mess.

The following instructions will help you to setup the caravan awning for your Jayco caravan without any hassle at all. Make sure you have the rollout awning installed on the caravan before you begin. The entire contraption is a bit tricky and involves adjusting quite a few things before you actually set up the awning.

  • Undo the holding clips all the way around. This would release the grip from the rolled up awning. Once this is done, flip the awning up to the “open” position to allow it to be opened up.
  • You would now need to go to the back and lift up the hard lid of the “expanda” component. With the lid open, you can bring the bed down. Don’t worry, there is a small platform on the caravan itself which would keep the bed hoisted up in place.
  • Inside the caravan, you would find brackets placed on the top of either side. IF you lift up these brackets, the top portion of the caravan would also be lifted and this would give you additional space inside. When you have raised the brackets, just push the locks in place to secure the entire thing in place.
  • Now, you need to setup the awning. Just lift the locking catch mechanism and loosen the catch that is placed behind the arms. Make sure you free the locks on both ends of the caravan awning.
  • With the awning’s mechanism free from its holding position, just pull the strap and bring out the awning all the way down till it is fully extended (as per its limit).
  • If you want to add annexe walls to your awning, then it is important for you to bring the channel bracket of the awning column at the 9 o’ clock position so that the annexe wall fabric slides in easily.
  • With the awning fully extended, it should not be difficult to slide up the support arms and lock them in position. The roll out awnings are designed with a specific operational system wherein everything is placed for seamless operation. The length of the arm can be extended as per requirement. Once you have fixed the length, just tighten the knob to lock it in place.

This completes the procedure for setting up the roll-out caravan awning for the Jayco vans. It isn’t difficult if you follow the pre-setup steps and keep everything ready. If you are not sure about the operations of a specific caravan awning / annexe, or you want a customized version for your caravan, then get in touch with the awning / annexe experts.

February 19, 2015 — admin