Caravan Accessories

If you travel often and like to explore the landscapes via road, then the caravan is the best option for you. Adding the right caravan accessories and supplies can help you to make your road trip more comfortable and definitely a lot more convenient. These accessories can fit in snugly with the dimensions of the caravan without appearing out of place.

Check out these cool caravan accessories that every caravanner should take on their road trips.

Whether for travelling to your destination or to make you feel more at home at the camp site, here is a selection of caravan accessories that you may find useful:

Caravan Jack

This is an accessory that should not be left out at any cost. If you end up with a flat tyre during the journey, then a caravan jack would not only help you to get the work done properly, but also ensure that the tyre is changed fast. It is better to use a caravan jack because it is designed to work with the specific dimensions of a caravan. Don’t leave this out of your check list.

Weight-Distribution Devices

These accessories help in minimising sway and improving the tow vehicle’s steering and braking capabilities. Properly distributed weight is crucial for properly manoeuvring it on the road. The weight distribution devices attach to the hitch of the caravan without causing distraction from the aesthetic appeal of the caravan itself.

Reversing Cameras

Have you ever faced the stress of reversing your car up to a caravan’s hitch? Using a reversing camera can help you overcome these challenges, especially if you do not have a lot of experience in handling the caravan with a towing vehicle. The angles at which the vehicle and caravan are aligned may not be judged easily. The camera provides direct feed to the driver. This helps in getting an accurate rear view.

Caravan Movers

This is an extended convenience accessory for caravans which allow you to move your caravan into a tight space without the hassle of reversing. Caravan movers are usually operated with the use of a remote control. The driver doesn’t have to be behind the wheels to get the job done. This is extremely benefit if the parking space is in a cramped spot and manual reversing of the vehicle just wouldn’t work out.

Satellite Systems

Having a satellite system installed gives you access to television signals and communication options in most areas. If you get some of the modern equipment, then you wont have to position the dish antenna. The dish positions itself automatically. For those who use a slightly older model may have to adjust the position manually.

Washing Machines

Maintaining proper hygiene can be a challenge when you are on the road. Fortunately, there are washing machines that are compatible with caravans. These not only work with the available electrical backup provided in the caravan, but also include a portable clothesline or line that can be useful for drying clothes.

Caravan Awnings and Annexes

Travelling without a caravan awning or an annexe can never be even imagined, let alone done in reality. These accessories replicate the comforts of home even during road trips and provide a personalized space where you can relax. There are several options available for caravan annexes and awnings including manual and motorized options. Does your caravan have customized dimensions? Dont worry. Just approach a awning / annexe manufacturer or check out some really good caravan awnings for sale online for getting the right awning / accessory for your needs.

August 27, 2015 — admin