Well, in case you are not a proud owner of a caravan and you are looking for better options, renting a caravan is the best thing to do. At times renting a caravan could be a much better option than owning it. Yet if you own one, you won’t rent another. Although renting a caravan is a good idea, it is not as easy as it may sound.
Caravan Checklist
There are several small and big factors you need to consider before renting a caravan. We have tried to list what you should look out for while you checkout caravans.


The first thing you would want to know before renting a caravan is whether it has a manual or an automatic transmission. The transmission that you drive is mentioned on your driving license and you can’t drive a vehicle which has a transmission other than that. Half of the vehicles caravan rental companies have are manual and the other half is automatic. Make sure you pick the right type of transmission before you go ahead to check out other things.


Most caravans are good to accommodate a reasonable number of people, but when it comes to sleeping, it becomes tricky. You should always check for the number of bunks a caravan has before renting it. Most of the caravans have 4 bunks, in case the group is sizeable, you should check for motorhomes or maybe multiple caravans as well.


Renting saves a lot as compared to buying a caravan. Likewise, rentals come in a range, which lets you pick the caravan that fits in your budget. Typically a caravan with better and more amenities charge higher rent, also the newness of the caravan affects the rentals.

Drive type

Based on the type of drive, there are 2 kinds of caravans available: 2WD and 4WD. These 2 caravan drive types are available for renting as well. Most of the people opt for 2WDs as they are a great option for a paved road. If you intend to travel offroad on the Australian outbacks, you need a level up. 4WDs have more power as it provides torque to all the tyres. They are great to tread the treacherous terrains as well as on paved roads. 4WDs are expensive and rules and restrictions when rented.


Just like the number of bunks and drive type, the rent of caravan is driven by the amenities inside it as well. Every caravan comes with different layout as well as different features. Some have a fridge, TV, tables, curtains and the likes and some offer just the basics. Depending on your budget you can pick the caravan that fits your needs.
There could be more factors which can decide on renting a caravan, although transmission, bunk, budget, drive type and amenities are the major ones on the campervan hire essential checklist.
July 12, 2019 — admin