Are you thinking of taking your caravan this winter? We all love the experience of exploring in our campervans. Moreover, winters are a perfect time to snug inside your motorhomes and enjoy spectacular camping. The only challenge in caravanning during this season is cold weather conditions.
Guide to Keep Your Caravan Warm
When you are fully prepared, you can endure cold temperatures. The right kind of heating equipment can keep your caravan warm. By checking for insulation and heating devices can help you to do camping in winters. This way, you can make your trip adventurous and not worry about extreme cold weather.

Here’s How You Can Ensure Warmth in Your Caravan:

Choose Insulated Flooring for your Caravan

Usually, caravan flooring is not as insulated as your home flooring. Therefore, you can add insulated flooring designs in your caravan. This underfloor insulation is effective in keeping your warm. Insulated floors also keep moisture away from entering into your caravan floor.

Install Heaters to Keep your Warm Inside

You can add heaters in your caravan. Using heaters is an efficient way to keep your interiors warm. Some heaters are just like a central heating system in your home, they can even heat the water in your sinks, basins and showers.
There are four types of heaters that you can install in your RV namely:
  • Space Heater
  • Reverse-Cycle Air Conditioning
  • Gas Heater
  • Diesel Heater
Out of these options, a Space Heater is a portable device. It is also the most affordable heating system for a caravan. Reverse-Cycle Air Conditioning system is effective in both cooling and heating your caravan.
Gas Heaters are fuel-efficient. You can use your cooking gas to run your heater. On the other hand, Diesel Heaters are compact. You do not need any fitters to install this kind of heater.

Improve Comfort in Your Motorhome

The level of comfort in winters is vital to enjoy a caravanning experience. You should install a good windscreen that prevents condensation while cooking and washing utensils. You can install insulated windows and thermal blinds to maintain the temperature inside your caravan.

Carry Propane Cylinders for Cold Weather

Since butane does not work in places with temperature less than 5 degrees Celsius. It is appropriate to carry propane cylinders. The gas does not freeze under cold weather conditions. Propane works in high-pressure areas. Make sure to carry extra tanks to refill propane from the station.

Other Winter Camping Essentials

Other than the usual heating gadgets, you also need some necessary camping accessories. You can keep yourself warm as well as enjoy the natural surroundings with annexes and shades. The porch awnings can also help to prevent heat from escaping the interiors during winters.
Moreover, if you are fond of pets, then you can use pet enclosures to keep them warm and safe. You can also carry blow dryer to defrost pipes, extra clothing and coverings, electric blankets to stay warm during the night. You can also keep some extra sleeping bags, GPS in case of emergency.


Taking a trip during winters can seem challenging. But the above guide is full of winter camping tips to keep your caravan warm. The heaters are useful in maintaining a warm temperature inside your RV. However, the potential downside of installing heaters is their high cost.
Suppose you think that the heating systems are a costly affair. In that case, you can also purchase affordable extensions, shade walls and other camping accessories from Xtend Outdoors. We have a wide range of awnings, annexes, roof covers, kitchen blinds that can keep you warm during winters.
August 06, 2020 — admin