Caravan Technology

Caravan technology, just like any other technology, is ever changing. 2016 is expected to bring forth some much-needed tech advancements that will improve the overall experience of travelling in a caravan. It will be more about convenience and sustainability, especially the latter. With rising costs and reducing resources, it has become important to consider sustainability while coming up with better technologies as this will have a less harmful impact on the environment.

The following tech trends for caravan technology will be evident in 2016. Check them out.

Light Construction

Lightweight caravans have several benefits, namely, easier maneuverability, less fuel consumption, relatively lower costs, and compatibility with a wider range of towing vehicles. New caravan models in 2016 should come with fiberglass body panels and aluminum frames on hot-dipped galvanized or Duragal chassis. These materials ensure adequate durability while cutting down on weight.

Leveraging Solar Energy

This will not be a new addition to caravan tech. People have already started installing solar powered systems in their caravans. The difference will be in the weight as well as the effectiveness of the system. The new, thinner panels are about 3mm thick and flexible, and can be mounted directly on the roof of your caravan or vehicle. This implementation will not only reduce drag but also improve fuel economy. Plus, solar energy really works out when you are on the road and access to energy supply is not feasible all the time. Solar devices may be an expensive investment, but it definitely gives a lot of benefits in the long run.

Lithium Batteries

Lithium or lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) batteries are more efficient and lighter than traditional batteries used in caravans. The best thing about the lithium batteries is that they don’t need to be fully charged for delivering optimal performance. Even with a partial recharge, they can deliver 90% efficiency. These batteries may be slightly expensive, but they prove their worth with longer life, light weight and higher efficiency.

Powered Accessories

This is more of a convenience than an actual necessity. Powered accessories such as powered caravan awnings help in getting the work done faster and without much hassles. In the case of an electric awning, the entire thing gets set up in no time at the flick of a switch. No longer do you need to set up the support arms and roll out the awning to make the connections. There are a few powered caravan awnings in the market. However, the number will definitely increase this year. Keep an eye out for some really interesting powered caravan accessories.

Effective Water Filtration

Water filtration systems for caravans are becoming more adept at filtering water irrespective of its source. Now you can remain stress-free and obtain clean water for various applications, including drinking. This is a much-needed addition to the caravan technology and it will give relief to thousands of avid caravanners who have had to struggle with clean water availability on their trips.

March 30, 2016 — admin