Vacations and holidaying could be heavy on the pocket and may disrupt your savings. If you are considering a budget camping instead, you have got the sweet spot.

Camping Tips

 Well, you could be lucky if your family settled for the trade-off and if you know how to save the big bucks. If that is not the case, just follow these amazing tips for budget camping:

Free Sites

A paid camping site would surely burn a hole in your pocket and the first thing you could do to fence your expense on a camping trip is to search for free camping sites. A free camping site might sound like a teardown option but you could get it all geared up- power (solar panels) and water (camp showers), with no money as compared to a paid site. A free site might save the cost of travelling (fuel) as well in case the paid sites are far away.

Travel Light

Another best way to save on a camping trip is travelling as light as possible. You don’t intend to make a home away from home. Remember you are on a camping trip, you just need all the stuff that would “aid you on a camping trip” and not help you “survive the mission”. If you are travelling along with a couple of friends or families, travelling light could come naturally. Sharing things could avoid doubling up.


Buying food at the food counters on a camping trip is something you can’t avoid. But you could cut down a fortune on that. Get loaded with loads of food when you set on the journey. Just make sure the quantity is right enough to sustain through the trip. The best thing you could do at free camping sites is- firing up your own campfire and that could not only heat you up but give you a couple of fresh and hot meals as well.

Camper Cost

The biggest part of the camping trip cost could be the cost of the camper. If you are renting a camper, consider budget vehicles which could fit your trip requirement rather than a sky-high option. Camping along with friends gives a great opportunity to save on vehicle cost by sharing it. You could save a fortune getting your vehicle serviced before setting the sail, it would really help you save a lot later on a breakdown.

Camping trips could fit in your budget without cutting down on the fun part, you just need to be a little smarter while planning it. For more such useful and amazing tips on camping visit

June 16, 2017 — admin