Camping leaves you with one of greatest pleasures of life. Ah! The feeling of sleeping under the sky full of stars and moon glowing radiantly; what a peace!! So in case you are tired of the city buzz and and are ready for an adventure, camping is surely your thing. While on camping, you must make sure that you follow these handy hacks that will make your camping adventure go all the way more smooth, joyous and hassle-free.

Shaved Soaps:

Shaved SoapsImage Source: hdmusa
It’s a horrible situation when you are out on camping and the only soap bar you are carrying either turns into a dirt magnet (which often is the case), or slips out of your hands and manages to swim away in the water body. To save yourself from this horror, you can simply shave the soap via a vegetable peeler and every time you want to take a bath or use the soap, you take a slice of soap out and use it.

Quick Fire-starters:

Quick Fire-startersImage Source: shut42avn
Lighting fire is another challenge that usually requires a lot of slog. However, you can save yourself the effort by simply carrying quick fire-starters. All you need to do is coat a cotton ball in Vaseline and then wrap it up in a piece of aluminum foil. Every time you need fire, pull out a wick and light it.

Cook in Foil:

Cook in FoilImage Source: countryliving
Aluminum foil is the best material you can use to roast edibles in. They are perfectly safe to use even on the charcoals and wouldn’t burn up your food despite the flames and heat. Make sure you wrap your edibles well in the foil before you place them on the fire.

Cork it up:

Cork it upImage Source: vamoslaportugal
You can totally freak out if you lose your car keys during your camping. Rather, you can simply attach a cork to your keys so that even when your keys slip out of your bag or your pocket, they would be quite visible on the surface, or even in the water.

The Mighty Shoe-rack:

Mighty Shoe-rackImage Source: tampaairportparking
Tying a fold-able shoe rack to a nearby tee is one of the best camping adventure tricks you can implement. Once you have tied the shoe rack, you can now put all stuff you’d like it to hold so that the space is manageable and you don’t lose out on things. Just make sure that you don’t stuff any smelly eatables in it or you shall be welcoming the native wild creatures for the dinner.

Stuff the Shoes:

Stuff the ShoesImage Source: tampaairportparking
When you are done hiking and decide sleep off the tiredness, make sure that you stuff your shoes with socks so that insects and other tiny creatures don’t hang in there while you are asleep.
These simple camping tips can make a lot of difference to your trip and smooth it up for you. So gear up for a adventurous camping trip and unwind yourself!!
July 28, 2016 — admin