There are so many transport options in the world today with each mode having its own set of experiences. While travelling may be a wonderful experience in its own, there are some experiences that you get only during road trips. So make sure you take at least one road trip (even better if you have your friends / family with you) before you kick the bucket.

infographic 9 Experiences During Road Trips

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  1. Say goodbye to schedules
    • You get to decide how many stops you make and how long these stops would be.
    • There is no fixed schedule and no passenger rush. It’s just you and your friends / family so chill out and take it easy.
    • You can even change the route if you feel so.
  2. Interact with the locals and make new friends
    • Even if you have the best electronic gadgets in the world, you won’t be able to get as much information about some unmarked places that the locals know about.
    • During road trips you will always meet new people and befriend strangers. It is one of the best ways to get to know people and to find out about interesting regional locations.
    • You could also be invited to the homes of some locals who would love to share some stories and delicious refreshments.
  3. You get to enjoy the company of whoever you wish to bring along (pets included)
    • Not every transport media allows you to being pets over. But on road trips, you are in charge and you can bring along anyone you like (including your 4 legged companions).
    • If you have your own caravan or motorhome, then you would only have to bear the cost of fuel. So you can bring along anyone you want – colleagues, neighbours, friends or other people in your circle.
  4. Get up close and personal with nature
    • You have all the time in the world to make a stop at ponds or scenic locations just to take in the breath-taking view of the surrounding areas.
    • If there is a sudden downpour, then you can either go outside for enjoying the rains, or you could put up your awning and sit under the shade while sipping some tea or coffee.
  5. Develop your management skills
    • If you thought that only institutes teach you management skills, then try handling a road trip yourself.
    • A road trip will help you to enhance your management skills as you would have to keep up with emergency situations, unexpected occurrences, mechanical failures (in vehicle / caravan) or just about any other situation.
  6. Learn something new
    • Sometimes, you might have to do something that you never would have even tried in usual conditions. For example, trying to replace a punctured tyre or cooking up a meal (at least trying to).
    • All of us are now accustomed to electronic devices and technologies for various services. When it comes to navigating, we simply search Google and get the directions from the Google Map or other GPS services. Road trips offer ample opportunities to learn manual navigation by reading a map and asking around. This is one skill that you should learn if you love road trips.
  7. Come out of your protective shell
    • Road trips are great for pulling people, especially introverts, out of their comfort zone and giving them the opportunity to experience some of the best moments of their life.
    • Life on the road is anything but easy because you have to do everything yourself. This will help you to become self-dependent and you will become better at handling things without supervision.
  8. Explore new places that may not necessarily be on the map
    • Google may have mapped out most of the places, but there are still some spots that only the locals are aware of. Ask around and you would be amazed at the list of places that you would have with you.
    • Following a route is fine as long as you are on a tight schedule. But if you have the time and you are feeling a bit adventurous, then you could go off route and check out places that may not even be marked on the map.
  9. There is always a surprise waiting for you around the bend.
    • No matter how much you prepare for the road trip, you can always expect the unexpected as you take that turn around the corner.
    • You might meet some interesting people, or you could come across an enchanting location. The possibilities are quite limitless.
October 28, 2014 — admin