What could be the single most annoying thing that you get to experience while RVing?
Don’t you agree?
These pesky creatures can make you go mad with their bloodsucking frenzy and attack like there is no tomorrow. Their bites can turn even the most pleasant outings into nightmares. With these bugs around, you can expect a lot of buzzing, uncomfortable itching and long hours spent smashing them.
Getting rid of them isn’t difficult to manage as there are a lot of ways this problem may be addressed. Check out 10 easy ways to overcome the bugs problem in your RV.
RV Bug-free

  1. Take care of the leftovers- Throughout the camping season, you might have endured on many RV trips. That means you would have had many breakfasts, lunches, dinners or even nibbled sometimes in the RV. Check your RV thoroughly for any leftovers that you, your friends or a family member might have left behind.


  1. Mothballs- Not a very appreciated idea, most people do not find it pleasant to scatter mothballs in their RVs. Although, mothballs are a great way to keep away bugs. To avoid that smell which lingers for months, you could place the mothballs in bowls instead scattering them around.


  1. Drain- Standing water is the major cause of breeding illness-inducing bugs like mosquitos. Make sure to drain all the standing water from sinks, showers, toilets, etc.


  1. Meshed annexes- An RV trip cannot be complete without pitching an annexe. Use annexes such as Penta Thirty which is meshed from all sides thus protecting you from any kind of bug attack. The mesh does not stop the wind and the light, thus making it breathable.


  1. Bring along Citronella/Lemongrass based Bug Repellent Sprays- This has been the age-old method for driving away insects and bugs, and this seems to work. If you are compelled to use such sprays and creams, then make sure that you get one which has citronella/lemongrass as this is safe to use (even for kids).


  1. Insect Screens- Installing insect screens in your RV is an amazing idea to fight the bugs. These screens protect the openings to the refrigerator, hot water heater, and the furnace.


  1. Repellant- Why kill them when you can drive them away! Yes, this is possible by using repellants available on the market. There are many electronic pest repellents that not only put off mosquitoes, but also other insects and bugs. This is a great way to deter bugs as the repellent uses a high-frequency emitter that emits signals which make them uncomfortable.


  1. Turn off propane- Insects such as spiders and wasps like the smell of propane. Especially when your RV is in storage, these insects might crawl up in and nest on the tank or other areas of RV. Always remember to turn the propane off. You can also use flea collars to deter spiders from following the propane smell by placing them around.


  1. Tape the vents- When your RV is in downtime, it becomes a haven for all sorts of bugs and insects to nest around. One of the easiest ways for bees, hornets, wasps and similar bugs to enter an idle RV are the vents. Tape all such vents which make the entry for them easy.

Moreover keeping your RV clean is the best way to keep away the bugs and insects. For more such amazing ideas on RV maintenance, log on to www.xtendoutdoors.com
May 09, 2019 — admin