Caravan Awning

Awnings turn out to be a great adtion to your caravan. Not only they add a comfort factor to your caravan, but also make the whole caravanning experience more enjoyable. Awnings are a versatile and durable accessory that can prove to be a boon during your caravan trip to your favorite outdoor. After all, you can’t drive all day long and then as soon as you park your caravan, sit back in the caravan itself. Spread out the awning and install it. Add a new layer of shade and protection and enjoy your favorite outdoors. You can not only add a room to the exteriors of the place you are camping but you will also have a bit more to explore and admire.

Awnings are made out of high quality materials which make them strong enough to sustain during rainfall, ruthless sun and a windy day. By installing an awning, you have a small place where you can sit back and sip on your favorite coffee. As a caravanner, you can have your hands on different kinds of awnings available in the market. The types of awnings include:

When you consider buying roll out awnings, you can be sure of controlling the amount of sun or shade you get at the place you are camping. In nick of time, you’d be able to stretch them up and cover your space, or pull it back so that you can soak up the sunshine. Thankfully, these awnings do not have any support poles that may block the sun or the scenery.

These days, you can approach companies like Australia Wide Annexes to get different colors and custom sizes in roll-out awnings. They can even provide you with retractable awnings and other varied awnings, as per your needs and budget.

Dometic Awnings are yet again known to be strong and very durable. They usually come with heavy duty adjustable arms and are quite affordable to purchase.

Inflatable awnings on the other hand are topped with ready-fitted piping in a strong material which, once inflated to an appropriate pressure, complete a solid structure. These inflatable awnings are available with their own tent structures which basically is a groundsheet that has been stitched in, and a connecting point for the foot pump that is used to inflate the entire structure.

So which awning is your pick?

March 24, 2017 — admin