Although we are social animals and we can’t be a recluse, but at times we end up being all alone. It could be as eventful as an unfortunate event or at times being the mere “newcomer” to a place or sometimes we just want to be with us. Well whatever the reason may be, there should not be any reason which should be a constraint to enjoying ourselves.

Single Caravanning

Albeit there are some activities that are more fun doing in a group, like caravanning with friends and family, yet it can be enjoyed to a great extent even being ‘single’, as setting alone is much better than sulking over being solo.

Here are some tips for caravanning alone.

Who's gonna help reversing

Travelling alone has its own worries fixing flat tires, reversing the trailer, safety etc. You just need to gather some confidence by learning a few pointers. Get towing tips from the professionals before going from your trip. They will teach you everything from loading to safety thus making you all ready to set the sail alone.

Make some new friends

There are people out there in the world who share your passion and likes. Connect to them and make some new friends. You could set a caravanning club and arrange road trips.


There are some vendors who provide you company by charging some fees. This would be paid companies that you could tag-along. Another amazing way to get company.

Get together on get together's

Caravanning travellers have a ritual whenever they are not alone, in the evening there is an unofficial gathering and people gather around a common spot. This gives an amazing opportunity to talk and share information. Nothing could be more fun and informative than sharing. This could give a lot of insight on- travel spots, the goods and bads of a journey, knowing about efficient detours and itineraries and at the end making acquaintances.

Choose your vehicle

Being alone doesn’t mean you should get on anything. Travelling alone gives you a chance to pamper yourself. Make a list of whatever you want in your vehicle and get a camper that suits you the best.

All the assistance you need

Being a single girl caravanning is no more a limitation. There are several caravanning parks that provide good assistance for- reversing, treading difficult terrains and other kinds of bottlenecks.

Travelling alone is not that bad as we think. Its just that one has to be more open to consider and adapt new things.

May 31, 2017 — admin