Avoid Caravan Combustions

It is not uncommon for caravans to catch fire, especially if people have been careless about keeping things under control. The harsh reality is that a caravan fire is 9 times more like to cause fatal outcomes than house fires. There is just so many things that can lead to a caravan combustion. Fire safety officers around the world emphasize the use of certain precautions that can help to avoid any mishap arising from accidental fires.

It doesn’t take a lot of efforts to keep fire at bay. For example, you need to check the spacing between adjacent caravans when camping for the night. Ideally, the vans should be parked at six meters apart. This will ensure that fire doesn’t spread to the adjacent vehicles if one of them should catch a fire. Caravan parks usually have well-spaced sites for caravans. Plus, they have the necessary precautions to control fire in emergency situations.

The next thing that you need to check is the electrical system of the caravan. Faulty cables or short circuits can cause sparks which eventually give rise to fire. There are so many things inside the caravan that can easily catch fire. Moreover, the presence of gas inside the caravan itself increases the risk of fatal damage. Get your caravan’s electrical connections checked regularly, especially if you tend to travel a lot.

Although some caravanners claim that they had no problem cooking inside a caravan awning, you should avoid setting up a barbeque inside the awning itself. The caravan awning is meant to be a personal space for your comfort and convenience. If you set up a barbeque, then the rising heat or the cinders could cause the awning fabric to catch fire. It is better to cook out in the open and enjoy the meal inside the awning. In case you plan on cooking inside the caravan, make sure that you turn it off before going outside. Leaving it unattended could result in a fire.

Why wait for the problem to crop up in the first place? Keep a smoke alarm and some fire extinguishers handy just in case a fire should break out. This will not only alert you on time, but also ensure that you have the tools within your reach to control the situation. Without proper preparation and precaution, you would have to bear the risk of caravan combustion.

September 11, 2015 — admin