Caravan Awning Privacy Screens are the simple yet popular addition to the caravan accessories that protect from the weather elements without enclosing like an annex. These awning privacy screens are extremely compact, lightweight, and only take a few seconds to set up. Not one, but there are a variety of privacy screen options to choose from.
Caravan Awning Privacy Screens

How Does the Caravan Awning Privacy Screen Works?

When attached to the awning, privacy screens offer additional space at camping. Which can be used for kids to play, have some relaxed time amidst nature, spend some time with family, cook delicious meals, have fun activities, or store your additional items such as bikes, footwear, luggage, etc for keeping the caravan clean and tidy.
The hot Australian weather may restrict you to step out. Still, awning privacy screens offer protection from the scorching Australian heat, keeps away the windy gusts, and restricts the rainwater access in case so that you can enjoy your time and the scenery with a cup of coffee irrespective of what may be the weather condition.

Advantages of Caravan Awning Privacy Screens

Attaching Privacy Screens to your caravan roll-out awning has multiple advantages.
  • Firstly and most importantly, it expands your living space.
  • Used for housing a variety of activities, like an outdoor kitchen as it offers more space, more ventilation, and less time to clean than the kitchen in the caravan.
  • Provides privacy from the neighbors at the campsite.
  • Encloses the area without blocking off fresh air.
  • Keep away the insects to enter the area you live in.
  • Can provide you protection from elements anywhere & anytime, it is that easy to install.
  • When attached to the caravan awnings, privacy screens provide extra comfort at all times.

Awning Privacy Screens at Xtend Outdoors

In Australia, Xtend Outdoors is the leading manufacturer of Caravan Awnings, Caravan Annexes, and all the other Caravan accessories, including Privacy Screens for Awnings. You can choose the privacy screen suitable to the awning of your caravan or motorhome, as we provide a wide variety of privacy screens such as:

Screens for Caravan Roll-out Awnings

Art Shade Walls

If not in favor of adding boring plain privacy screens to your caravan awning, use our Art Shade Walls. These shade walls are colorfully designed with beautiful prints for making the setup fun and interesting. These are available in a variety of lengths. You can get it according to your awning measurements and in the print of your choice. Apart from protection and privacy, these artistic privacy screens would make you catch the eyes of all the neighbors at the campsite.

Premium Reversible End Shade Wall

Premium Reversible End Shade Wall
The reversible end shade wall is an amazing addition to our collection of privacy screens for caravan awnings. This roll-out awning shade wall is made from high-grade residential fabric and is stylishly designed to match the new-gen caravans or motorhomes. This end shade wall can be attached to the awning reversely from both ends; this makes it different from other privacy screens.

Premium Long Side Shade Wall

Premium Long Side Shade Wall
By attaching our long side shade wall to your awning, you can fully cover the awning sides, which restricts the heat to enter and have privacy from the neighbors at the campsite. The long privacy screen is made from durable materials and is available in various lengths from 8ft to 22ft. You can choose the length according to your awning measurements.

Off Side Shade Wall

Off Side Shade Wall
It is important to maintain privacy and protection on every side of the caravan. Our offside shade wall is specially designed for the rear of your van and is made from strong materials. It restricts the heat to enter from the windows and warm up the temperature inside the caravan. If you wish to set up some activities or place something at the backside, it will be easier with our offside privacy screen.


Whether planning a short trip or long stay for exploring the great outdoors of Australia, these caravan awning privacy screens are a perfect companion for enjoying all time without being exposed to the harsh Australian heat.
May 25, 2021 — admin