Although there are 4 major seasons, yet summer and winter are two of the most significant seasons. They are like day and night which have their own pièce de résistance. Just like different attributes, winter and summer have different requirements. The world can be divided into 2 sides-
On one- People who love Summers
On the other- People who love winters.
Winter Camping
If you are considering winters to plan your camping trip, you are surely a winter lover. But as every coin has 2 sides, there are pros and cons to camping in winters. As a winter lover you may ignore the cons and as a summer lover, you might only read the cons, well, whichever side you consider both before planning it out.
Here are the Pros and Cons to camping in the winter season:

Yay Winters!


Campfire is one the greatest reasons of camping in winters. Nothing could beat the experience of the warmth of a campfire in the chilling night somewhere out in the wilderness.

Eating Extra

Food is fuel to the body and apart from providing the energy it keeps us warm. You need to be warmer in winter days and that allows you to eat extra on a camping trip.

Less Crowd

Winters is the time when everyone prefers to stay back at home and warm themselves up sitting by the fireplace sipping rum, making the campsites less occupied, and you would find some solitary space.

Accommodation Cost

If you have planned to stay at a paid campsite, you would get cheaper arrangements as mentioned- it will be less crowded making winter off peak for camping.

Fewer Insects

Just like many beings, insects can’t survive the harshness of winters and all the others who manage to survive go in a hibernation sort of a thing, making your camping trip bug-free.

Cool Insides

If you decide to take a break and come back to the camper to lie down, you would get a much cooler surrounding inside as compared to the summers when the caravan heats like an oven and bakes you up.

All That Impedimenta

Winters give you a chance to get fully equipped with- a sleeping bag, thermal gear etc. Bet you can’t get all that on a summer camping trip and that makes a winter camping trip way cooler.


The harshness makes winters more brag-worthy than summers. Surviving in the cold, sleeping in the bags, keep oneself warm will get you brownie points as a storyteller.

Nay Winters!

Too Cold

The one reason that would always be relative is the temperature in the winters. A summer lover would always find it too cold and would not just step out. Although winters could severely be cold and might switch you off it also adds more challenges as compared to any other time of the year.

Stick Around the Campfire

Campfires are enjoyable in winters but could be something that you would never want to quit. Winters force us to keep ourselves warm and we may end up doing nothing but to cling to it.

Too Much Baggage

Being all geared-up is awesome but also there is a flip side to it which is not that pleasant. Getting so many things on would weigh it down making it a great hassle. And perhaps you do not want to carry “baggage” on a camping trip.


Winters are prone to rains and if it rains, it will ruin for the worse. A downpour would not only put out the heat in the campfire but also would drop the temperature further, making it unbearably freezing.
Well going by the numbers, winters outrun summers as the preferred camping season, yet we can’t always go by numbers. Giving a verdict is difficult and so leaving it on campers to decide is the best choice.