Replace a Caravan Awning Light

Jayco led awning light Caravan awning lights can be pretty useful when you are parked up in a place that has minimal light. You can always extend the light source of your caravan to get some visibility, but it would not be as effective as getting a caravan awning light. By getting a light for your awning, you can get better visibility and it won’t drain your battery as the most preferred lights for such awnings are LEDs.

The reason behind replacing the lights could be due to natural reduction in efficiency of the existing lights, or the need to install better lights to minimize electrical consumption. Here is an easy way to replace a caravan awning light in 4 simple steps.

What Do You Need?

Before you actually replace the lights, you would need to check the following and ensure that all of this is prepared beforehand.

  1. A New Set of LED Lights
  2. Voltage Compatibility Check
  3. Screws
  4. Toolkit

Step 1: Detach the Existing Lights Carefully

Detach Existing Caravan Awning Light

Before you take down the lights, make sure you turn off the electricity or cut out electrical supply to the section where you need to attach the lights. Use a simple tool (screwdriver) to remove the screws and take out the mounting plugs. Once these are removed, you should be able to detach the lights without much trouble.

Step 2: Attach the New Light Array to the Car Battery

Now you need to attach the new lights to the caravan awning walls or the top section. Make sure you have some extra wires as the one coming out of the light could be short and may not be enough to connect to the main electrical supply system. When you are done wiring the light, attach the same to the battery. Remember, the power supply should be turned off till you have completely replaced the light to avoid electrical shock.

Step 3: Screw the Light in Place and Place the Mounting Plugs

Once you have secured the wiring of the light, you would have to screw it back in place and place the mounting plugs in the slots provided. Make sure you check the light after it is screwed so that it is confirmed to be intact. If it is screwed on loosely, then it could come off during a bumpy ride.

Step 4: Check the Light By Turning it On and Off Several Times

With the light screwed in place and connected to the battery, the only thing that remains is to check whether all the connections were made correctly. In order to check this, turn the light on and off several times and assure yourself of its efficiency. If you feel that it is not working as it should, then repeat these steps and try to find the fault.


Whenever you handle caravan accessories that run on electricity, make sure you gather proper knowledge of its features before you go around trying to fix it. If you do not possess a sound understanding, then you could end up damaging it instead of solving the issue. Moreover, you should always make it a point to disconnect any active power sources before you handle such components. A good approach would be to use rubber gloves and avoid direct contact with the ground when working with components that require electrical connection. With these precautions, you should be safe and you would be able to get your work done in a jiffy.

November 17, 2014 — admin