Nothing is ever a hassle as long as you follow the provided instructions carefully. People often find it rather tedious to set up caravan awnings or annexes but the fact is that it is easy to set up such structures. Do not go by the overall construction of these awnings as they may seem to be very technical (which they are), but that is only to make them work properly. However, you do not have to do anything overly technical to set it up.

Set Up A Roll Out Awning for a Caravan

Here is how you set up a roll out awning for a caravan:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to unlock the travel locks and move the latches into place. This should take just under a minute.
  2. Now you need to undo the ratchet. You will notice a small loop hanging out of the awning roll. Grab it with the hook at the end of the rod that you have in your hand, and then just pull it.
  3. As soon as you pull away, the awning will come down into position with its attached legs holding it in the right spot. At this point, you need to bring in the support arms and fix it into place.
  4. The legs which are attached to the front corners of the awning will have their other end positioned under the caravan. You just need to bring them out and put up the legs in the right position. Lock it into position and give it a light tug to see if it is held in place.
  5. Take the pressure off the roller and make sure that it is at 90 degrees. At this point, lock off the supporting arms.

This is just about it and the work would have been done faster if you had an extra person to help you to manage the other side of the awning. Now the above procedure was for a caravan awning that has the legs attached to the lower side of the caravan. If you want the legs to stand upright for the “awning patio position”, then just unlatch the end of the legs from the caravan and move it into position. You could also use this upright awning as a base for putting up your annexe.

For awnings that exceed 16 ft or 17 ft, a central arm is provided to add stability to the structure. So when you have a central arm, just unlock it, remove it from the latch and bring it up to the locating arm. This needs to be locked into position as well.

When you are done with the awning and you need to move on ahead, just follow all of the above mentioned steps in reverse and that should help you to roll up the awning and lock it into place before you drive off. Just do everything in the right order and you should get the things done in a jiffy.