Caravan Annexes for Sale

So you have finally decided to buy a caravan annexe. That’s good. You are probably checking out caravan annexes for sale online or you may be planning to visit a store soon.This could be your first annexe or maybe the current one has become too worn out for use. In either case, it is important for you to choose the best and most suitable annexe for your caravan, or else you could run into problems later. If you have bought an annexe before, then it should not be much difficult to buy another one. Just make sure you consider the following points before making up your mind.

Fresh Awning or Used Annexe

This is an important consideration to make. It is not necessary that you should always go for a fresh and completely new annexes for your caravan. Used annexes are just as good provided that you are able to check it thoroughly before buying. The amount of efforts required to analyse the awning is much less for new annexes. Second hand annexes will need for be checked for damages, wear and tear, fabric quality, repair requirements and other essential parameters. If you know exactly what you need and are confident about your selection, then you could go for used caravan annexes as it would cost less and still deliver the expected performance.

Never Compromise with Fit

Irrespective of the visual appeal of the annexe, you should never ever compromise with fit. There is a reason that these things are made to order for specific measurements of your caravan. If you are not sure measuring your caravan to determine the dimensions of the required annexe, then consult with experts or manufacturers or you could check out online resources to help you understand the correct way of taking measurements.

Consider Annexe Size

Annexes come in different sizes. You need to check out the annexe and determine whether the size is compatible with your usage requirements. If you have a small travelling group and the frequency of your trips isn’t much, then you could go for a simple caravan annexe that would not only serve your purpose, but also keep investments at nominal levels.

Analyse Your Usage

Everything depends on your usage. The way you use the annexe, the length of your road trips, types of places your visit, and the frequency of your trips need to be considered before you purchase the annexe. The annexe is an additional structure for your caravan that ensures personal space and some comforts of your home. It should be selected based on your specific preferences and not because of the features advertised by the manufacturers.

Powered or Manual

This factor is purely based on the level of convenience that you would like to enjoy while setting up the annexe. Manual options would require you to put up the structure and set it up by hand. The powered options could include an extended awning with attachable walls which would convert it into an annexe. Powered options are great for elderly folk who may not be able to assemble / disassemble the annexe all the time.

Consult with Experts / Manufacturers

Whenever you have doubts or have confusions regarding buying caravan annexes, make sure that you consult with experts or reach out to manufacturers with your queries. Not only do that have the best solutions for caravan annexes, they may also suggest custom packages if you have very specific needs. In the meanwhile, you may check out some really nice caravan annexes for sale.

June 18, 2015 — admin