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Buying a Caravan: How Much do Caravans Cost

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Thinking of hitting the road in a caravan with your family and friends? If you do not own one, you must wonder how much it would cost to get a caravan. Also, whether buying a used caravan will be a good deal or not.

Find out below which caravan to buy, new or used caravan, and look at the caravan price guide.

Caravan trailer on a green lawn, on a sunny spring day

New Versus Used Caravans

While buying the caravan, consider both new and the used caravans. Buying a new van is a great option as you get a great warranty and a host of features that puts life at ease.

However, if you get a well-maintained used caravan that fits your needs and budget, you can also go for it. But when buying, ensure performing thorough checks. Here’s our ultimate checklist that would guide you in buying a used caravan.

Caravan Price Guide

The price of the caravans generally differs according to their size and features. From smaller and used caravans to high-end caravans with all the home comforts, many caravans are available.

Here is our caravan price guide. Have a look at what you can get in every price range.

Less than $40,000

Generally, the caravans you get in this range are second-hand. This caravan option is perfect if you are a first-time caravanner and do not want to spend much. Often these smaller and affordable caravans do not hold an ensuite within. However, you do get the bathroom facilities if camping in the caravan parks.


If you are an occasional caravan enthusiast, you can get the perfect caravan in this range for your caravanning adventures. You will mostly find small to medium used, single axle pop-top, or full height caravans. While buying, consider inclusions, space, and understanding the size and weight of the caravan. Also, you can even consider a new caravan at this price range with fewer features.


You get to choose from multiple new caravan options in this price range, perfect for accommodating two or four people. You can choose medium to large size caravans. The caravans are bigger and longer, around 18 to 20 feet long, and come with twin axles and extra features like an ensuite, bigger water tanks, and much more. At this price range, you will be able to include some off-road components.


Hardcore caravanning enthusiasts, frequently traveling to the great Australian outdoors with family and friends, can get a new family caravan in this price range. You will find the large-sized caravans that offer extra space and extra comforts for your adventure.


In this price range, you will get the caravan with all homely comforts. This premium range of new caravan models is available in medium and large sizes. They come with a twin axle, full ensuite, bigger space, and a host of creature comforts.

In this price range, you get a greater choice of caravan layouts, interior, and appliances. You can even add off-road components you wish to add like solar panels, battery, and suspension.


With the caravan price guide, you might be clear of what is offered in each price range. Whichever price range you are considering, before buying, do thorough research. If buying a used caravan, make sure to know that the caravan has a good service history and is suitable for your vehicle.

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