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The Australia Wide Annexe by Xtend Outdoors is made from durable materials, so it will stand up to even the harshest weather. The innovative design and flexible layout will be a real head-turner when you’re out on the road. The Australia Wide Annexe is easy to erect and is the perfect option for your trips around the country.

The Annexe is available either as an inflatable option for shorter stays, or a pole option for longer trips. An anti-flap kit is included to keep your awning from fluttering in the breeze, and the triple-layer windows and doors offer supreme flexibility for a truly at-home experience. Get ready for a great camping trip with your loved ones!

Caravan Annexes For Sale

Do you want to take the comfort of your home with you on your caravanning adventures?  An annexe is the best solution to increasing your caravan living space. An annexe is an extension that is attached to your caravan, motorhome or any RV that helps maximise your indoor living area.

A caravan annexe is designed to make optimal use of the available space, providing an area to bring along all the comforts of home.  Xtend Outdoors offer a high quality range of annexes including our incredibly popular Australia Wide Rollout Awning Walls, Shade Annexes and an innovative range of Inflatable Annexes and Extensions.  You have the ability to tailor your annexe to your caravanning experience, ordering either a full canvas annexe for added protection and privacy or simply order shade walls that provide a more open setting.

The Ultimate Choice for all Caravans, Motorhomes and Rvs – The Australia Wide Annexe

With years of industry experience, we understand that everyone has specific needs.  Our annexes are FULLY CUSTOMISED based on measurements taken by our trained technicians.  This ensures the finished product is designed to specifically fit your vehicle. Xtend Outdoors are happy to measure, quote and fit your annexe in a caravan park, house or storage centre; we will fit your annexe wherever you are!  We also offer a DIY service to customers who are not able to meet up with one of our technicians. Give us a call so we can provide you with your own DIY Annexe Measure Kit.

More About Xtend Outdoors – Manufacturer of the Australia Wide Annexe

Xtend Outdoors offers premium, custom made products at realistic prices.  we understand that our customers invest a lot of time and money into their caravans, so we have crafted the best quality aftermarket products to compliment any caravan, motorhome or rv.  enjoy all the comforts of home with your xtend outdoors annexe. we install annexes at your location. the most popular locations are Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and check all the locations at contact us page.

Annexe FAQs:

What is an Annexe?

An annexe is an extension to the main caravan. They are practical additions to your caravan set up and can enhance your holiday experience by extending your living area, or creating additional sheltered storage space. The annexe attaches to your van using the rollout awning.

The Australia Wide Annexe walls attach to your awning barrel and anti-flap kit and provide a fully enclosed room. At Xtend Outdoors, we manufacture the Australia Wide Annexe specifically to suit your individual caravan.

What are the benefits of having an Annexe?

– Add an extra room for more living space when out on the road.

– More flexibility for your space when set up – you can have the Annexe closed in or completely al-fresco. You don’t have to only be sitting inside your caravan.

– Extra storage space so your belongings such as bikes or other outdoor equipment is kept dry.

How to set up an Annexe?

Each Australia Wide Annexe comes with an instruction brochure, however after the first couple of times setup will become familiar.

1. Extend your awning all the way and ensure the groove in the awning barrel is in the 3 o’clock position. Extend the legs.

2. Attach the draft skirt.

3. Attach the anti-flap kit and curved roof rafters.

4. Remove all the walls from their individual bags and lay them out in their approximate locations.

5. Slide the rear end wall in first (at the back of the caravan). Attach to the draft skirt with Velcro.

6. Slide the rear long wall in and attach to the rear end wall with zips and to the awning upright with cambuckles.

7. Slide the front long wall in and attach to the rear long wall with the zips and the awning upright with cambuckles. Attach to the draft skirt with Velcro.

8. Slide the front end wall in and attach the front long wall with zips.

9. Peg the walls down to the ground using ladder straps and steel pegs.

How to choose a caravan annexe?

When looking for an Annexe, there are some things you need to consider.

– Materials used: canvas allows the walls to breathe and vinyl allows for easy cleaning. A combination of both means that you get the best of both worlds – canvas upper for breathability, and vinyl lower for durability.

– Wall measurements: Is the annexe tailor-made to your van? If not, you may find that the annexe doesn’t fit well and leaves gaps.

– Do the windows and doors have multiple layers for flexibility? Do they include a privacy flap, clear plastic and a mesh layer? If they don’t, you may find you’ll have to make compromises. The Australia Wide Annexe includes triple-layer windows and doors as standard!

– Can you attach additional modules such as extension rooms, ensuites or porches to give you extra room should you need it?

– Ventilation: Australia regulations prohibit the use of an enclosed annexe where there is a gas vent. In such case, your annexe will need to be adjusted to account for the vent.

How are annexes measured?

Four measurements are taken for an annexe fitment.

1. Van height – measure from the ground at the centre of the wheels to the bottom of the sail track on the van.

2. Wall height – the height of the awning legs when fully extended. Should be approximately 2100mm.

3. Angle – the width of the awning from where the material attaches to the van, to the first spline in the awning barrel.

4. Vinyl length – the length of the vinyl measured along the awning barrel.

How much does an Annexe cost?

The Australia Wide Annexe price depends on various factors – the size you require, whether you need curved roof rafters, a draft skirt, or anti-flap kit.

How do you clean an Australia Wide Annexe?

You should regularly clean your Annexe with a mild soapy detergent. Scrub gently on any stains. The vinyl base can be hosed off to remove any mud or dirt.

Always ensure the Annexe is completely dry before packing it away to avoid introducing any mould or mildew.

Which Annexe is right for you?

Xtend Outdoors offers several different styles of Australia Wide Annexe to suit your lifestyle and travels.

– Australia Wide Annexe: our flagship model. Canvas upper and vinyl base and made to suit almost any size van. Our most flexible model, with Perfect for longer trips away.

– Australia Wide Inflatable Annexe: a lighter-weight inflatable model which suits those going away for a couple of days or a weekend.

– Australia Wide Shade Annexe: mesh walls allow breeze to flow through. Great if you’re travelling somewhere that rain or inclement weather isn’t a factor.

– Australia Wide Lightweight Annexe: Vinyl walls are more suitable for storage of equipment such as bikes or canoes & kayaks to keep them out of the weather.

Do all annexes fit all caravans and motorhomes?

As many of our annexes are made to suit your specific van, we need to have exact measurements and need to take into account any vents, lights or other obstructions to ensure your annexe fits perfectly.