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Awnings – The ultimate weather protection

Awnings are attached to the side of the caravan and provide protection from the sun and rain. They comprise two legs to support the awning when it’s extended, the barrel which the vinyl wraps around when it’s retracted, and support arms which hold the awning out. Xtend Outdoors are experts at fitting awnings and also replacing fabric on your old awning.

Caravan Awnings for Every Need

Who doesn’t want the comfort of a shade in the middle of nowhere? When you travel with your family in your RVs, you should always have caravan awnings at hand. Awnings for caravans not only increase the floor space of your RV, but it also acts as an extension to the overall space provided by the vehicle. No matter where you park your caravan, you will always have that extra space.

There are multiple options for caravan awnings for sale and such range is provided because the needs of every person as well as every vehicle is different. Australia Wide Annexes offers Wind Out Awnings, Roll Out Awnings, Camper Room Awnings throughout Australia. These are just basic formats of the designs. You can also get custom awnings for your caravan for ensuring that it is installed perfectly on it.

We, at Australia Wide Annexes, have years of experience in providing the best caravan awnings to our customers and we know that every awning needs special care and attention for bringing out its high quality. From the choice of materials to the accuracy of the measurements, every stage in the process is crucial for making the product as per your expectations. If you are not able to take the measurements, call us and we will send our team to the site. You could also get our DIY Kit which gives a step by step direction on taking measurements. Get extra space anywhere, anytime and with the comforts of your home, only with Australia Wide Annexes’ Caravan Awnings. we install awning at your location around Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and more. check the complete list of awning installation locations at the contact us page.

Awning FAQs:

The main function of an awning is to provide protection from the rain and sun. They are considered vital to the function of a caravan and not only protect you from the elements, but the van itself as well. By shading half the van, energy costs can be reduced as air conditioning may not have to be used as much.

For caravans there are three types of awnings you can install.

– Manual roll-out awnings. These are extended by physically moving the awning barrel out to its desired width and detaching the legs from the van and moving them to the appropriate position under the barrel.

– Wind-out awnings. There are lighter-weight than roll-out awnings and as such may not stand up to strong winds as well. They are extended by using a handle to wind out a knob that extends the awning. Legs drop down from inside the lead-bar of the awning.

– Electric awnings are extended by simply using a remote to control how far the awning is extended. These do not have support legs, instead relying on a structure of arms that give them rigidity.

Xtend Outdoors uses Austrong Awning Vinyl HD (Heavy Duty) for our awning vinyl. This vinyl is a super-strong ripstop material which won’t tear, fade or warp, it is far superior to traditional awning materials, as the Austrong Vinyl is non-laminated which means it won’t separate into different layers as time goes by.

Xtend Outdoors specialises in replacing awning vinyl. Our expert installers can come and fit brand new Austrong Awning Vinyl HD to your awning and give it a new lease of life! Old awnings are often cracked, warped, split, delaminated or smelly, whilst the mechanism and hardware is still in good condition. Replacing the fabric is a great way to save on the full cost of replacing the entire awning.

Four measurements are taken for an annexe fitment.

1. Vinyl width – measure along the sail track on the van.

2. Vinyl projection (length) – Measure from the van sail track to where the vinyl attaches to the awning barrel.

3. Vinyl width at the barrel.

4. Valance drop – how much of a valance you would like.

Awning costs vary depending on what size you require, as well as the awning type.

All awnings we sell are waterproof, and will protect your van side from rain. We recommend fitting curved roof rafters to prevent water pooling, and an anti-flap kit can stop the awning from flapping in the breeze.

Awnings can be hosed down to remove any loose dirt or particles. Scrubbing with a soft brush can remove any stubborn marks. Do not use any harsh cleaning agents as they may damage your awning.

Xtend Outdoors specialises in fitting awnings to unique vans. If you have a special requirement, please get in touch to see how we can help you.

Awning installation is a relatively quick process, and should take no longer than 1-2 hours.