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Xtend Outdoors offers you awnings and canopies designed for your motorhome of all the popular brands. The best advantage of using these motor home awnings is that you get to enjoy all the extra space that they offer you while travelling around and spending good amount of your time outdoors. These make you feel at home with their comfort enhancing features. These are specifically designed to fit the bill for your motor home and not as much for the caravans or tents. These work great to keep you dry and sheltered while you travel outdoors in your motorhome.

It helps you a great deal to have an extra room while you’re travelling. It spares you a lot of stress. You can choose the type of motorhome awning best suited to your motor home from a wide variety of motorhome awnings we avail you – these can range from the basic canopies to entire rooms and additional annexes. These make use of a wide range of materials, sizes and frameworks, which ensure that you find just the kind you’re searching for your motorhome, whether it is a small one door awning or a large six-door one. These stand alone and easy to get installed awnings are true companions of your outdoor adventure.