Get Your Caravan Ready for the Summer!

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Caravan Holidays

The summer season would be upon us in a few months. While most of you have been out on the roads, enjoying some quality time with the family, others have been waiting patiently for the warm months of summer to hit the beaches and explore the sun washed lands.

If you have used your caravan, then you need to get it checked and repaired. You would also need to store the caravan awnings and annexes in a proper manner. In case the caravan has been kept standing for a long time, then it is even more important to get things prepped up for the vacations to come.

Follow these useful tips and you should be able to save yourself from a nightmare of spoiled holiday trips and high repair costs.

Get the Caravan Checked Up By A Pro

Even if you know the techniques of servicing your caravan, now would be a good time to get it checked up by a pro because there might be minor issues that you could have skipped during the inspection. In case any problem is identified, then they can get it repaired in the best manner possible.

Inspect the Pipes

The winter has almost ended, but that doesn’t mean the cold has gone away completely. There could be damp and frost damage in the pipes that could get worse if not checked in time. I am sure that you wouldn’t want to run into any issues with your caravan’s pipes during a trip as it could cause a lot of discomforts.

Clean Thoroughly

A lot of dirt and grime might have settled on the caravan itself. There might even be nooks and corners that need to be rid of dirt and debris. If these are allowed to remain on the caravan, then it could cause damage to the exterior. Make sure you check the manual for compatible cleaning agents and get the entire caravan cleaned at a professional cleaning service at least once. There could be some hard to reach places that you might not be able to clean properly.

Check the Gear

It is very important to check the hitching gear and the wheels of the caravan as any damage in these things could prove to be fatal during a trip. If the signs of corrosion or natural wear and tear are ignored, then they would fail to function properly. I am sure that none of you would like to put your family and loved ones at such risk. Change the tyre if it is excessively damaged. The brakes need to be tested also for ensuring that the caravan is safe to manoeuvre.

Look for Signs of Damage in Your Caravan Awnings

Caravan awnings are an important part of your travel accessories because it gives you a personal space wherever you park the caravan. Make sure you clean it and store it when not in use. After a trip, it is possible for debris to be accumulated on it. Do not allow such debris to be there on the material as it could damage the fabric itself. Before you set out on the trip, make sure to check the condition of the fabric and the awning system so that you don’t run into problems later.

Double Check on Safety and Insurance

Check all the safety measures that have been installed on the caravan and this includes checking the locks, alarm systems, and other safety features. And while you are at it, don’t forget to take a look at your caravan insurance. If it has expired, then get a new caravan insurance. Try to keep everything updated so that you have a backup in case something goes wrong.

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