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How to Manage Weight Distribution In Your Caravan

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Caravan Weight Management

Do you know how much weight can you caravan bear? This is an important question, yet most people fail to consider this before loading their caravans before a trip. More than 25% of road accidents involve overloading or improper weight distribution on the vehicle. Are you willing to risk the lives of your loved ones just due to careless weight management?

The best way to check the weight requirements of your vehicle and the caravan would be to refer to the manual for specific details. You also need to check the towing weights /capacity of the vehicle so that you don’t run into problems later. It is also important that you consider the weight of the people planning to travel in the caravan and the weight of the furniture, caravan accessories, and the weight of the fuel.

While loading the caravan, you need to take care of the following:

  • The weight needs to be distributed and managed as evenly as possible.
  • Heavier items need to be placed around the tyres and at the back.
  • Place the lighter items on top of the heavy items and make sure to scatter them to avoid any chances of loss of balance. These light-weighted items are best placed at the front and back ends of the caravan.

You can check the loading condition of the caravan by checking the connection of the towbar and the caravan. Ideally, the caravan should sit straight when attached to the car’s towbar without a jockey wheel. In case of any tiling, make sure you rearrange the weight in the van till you get it just right. An unbalanced caravan can not only cause problems for the driver, but it can also cause the caravan to overturn.

For those who have trouble establishing a proper balance, you need to use a weight-distribution kit which should provide the means to align the caravan with the towing vehicle while keeping the entire structure properly balanced. However, no tool or approach would be effective till you have the exact data pertaining to the weight that would be added to the caravan. Do not leave out anything or else you could end up with an unbalanced caravan.

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