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Top Caravan Parks in Australian Capital Territory

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Caravan Parks

People in Australia love to go on caravan holidays, even if they have to take up caravans on rent. I am sure you must have gone on a caravan holiday yourself and spent some much needed time relaxing under the comfort of caravan awnings. Trust me, there is nothing better than taking a piece of home along with you on your trips.

While Australia has some of the best caravan parks in the world, it also has some really interesting places that might have been missed out by travellers. Here are some of the must-check-out caravan parks in the Australian Capital Territory.

Canberra Motor Village

Canberra Motor Village Located only 4kms from the city centre, the Canberra Motor Village is an amazing caravan holiday getaway with various accommodation options, including on site powered caravan spots. For those who do not want to put up in their caravans, you can always choose from the wide range of cabins that are available here. Apart from the usual activities that are available in caravan parks, the place has a lush green ambiance which makes it even better for a relaxed getaway. Just put up your caravan awnings, light up a camp fire and you are ready to spend some of the most memorable moments of your life.

Cotter Reserve

Cotter Reserve

The Cotter Reserve is located on Cotter Road, Stromlo 22km west of City Center. The place is famous for its facilities which make it possible to plan picnics, indulging in swimming and frequenting the Cotter Pub (a casualty of the 2003 bushfires). There have been noticeable changes to the area after the bushfires of 2003, but its popularity remains intact. Just ride up in your caravan, and setup your caravan’s awning for a truly exceptional getaway amidst nature’s pristine reserves. Just be warned that mobile reception is a problem here, but it won’t seem to be a problem as you would get some much needed personal time.

Canberra South Motor Park

Canberra South Motor Park

Canberra South Motor Park is the perfect place to start exploring Canberra and the many delights that this place has to offer. The central location of the park and the easy access enables travellers and caravanners to reach this place fast and also gives them adequate opportunity to cover a wider area. This caravan park offers park facilities nestled amongst large landscaped gardens, so you can get up close and personal with nature while enjoying some much needed time with your friends and family.

Exhibition Park in Canberra

Exhibition Park in Canberra

With only 70 hectares of unique country surroundings, and being located just 8 minutes from North of City Center, the Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC), is one of the best places to go on your caravan holiday. This place is known for its silent ambiance and the provision of full-fledged amenities. It even has grey water and black water dump points which ensures the maintenance of proper hygiene levels in the park.

Those who wish to put up camp with their caravans, the place offers large stretches of green lands which have some of the best caravan sites. The major attraction of the park is the farmer’s market which is held every Saturday morning where you can get the freshest produce that is available locally.

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