Types of Awning Fabric

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We take a lot of time when it comes to selecting an awning. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is similar to choosing our clothes. The right size, right shape, right color, effectivity to the elements, and many other factors are considered before picking the right awning.

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Well, have we ever given a thought to the material of the fabric? Reviewing the material of the fabric of the awning is as important as the awning itself. There are 3 types of awning fabrics available and here we have tried to describe them for you:

Canvas Fabric

Types of Awning Fabric - Xtend Outdoors

Canvas fabric could be called classic fabric. It is being used for more than 50 years making it the oldest fabric used for awnings. The quality of a canvas awning is very important as it is made of a natural fiber- cotton and has to be out in the elements for a long time. Canvas awnings for caravans are best for heat protection and hence regulating the temperatures in weathers on both extremes. A good quality canvas awning would block maximum sunlight making it less hot. Similarly, a canvas awning has an insulation property and would keep your interiors warm in winters. Traditionally, canvas awnings came in stripes with one side dyed green. Today, they are available in multiple color choices that too on both sides.

Mesh or Screen Fabric

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A mesh or a screen fabric is made of PVC and this makes them unfadeable and it doesn’t rot. Mesh fabric is less efficient as compared to its classic counterpart- canvas fabric and cuts only 80%-85% of the sunlight of what the former does. Although a mesh fabric is transparent and does not block your view of the scenery, pool area, backyard, etc.

Acrylic Fabric

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Acrylic fabric is the lightest material of them thus making it suitable for folding arms awnings. Folding arms awnings are awnings that are placed horizontally without any vertical support. The acrylic fabric allows the light to pass through it but it not as transparent as the mesh fabric. When it comes to keeping your house cool, acrylic fabric comes somewhere in between canvas fabric and mesh fabric. The advantage of acrylic fabric is, it comes in multiple colors and you have a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Finally, if you are seeing something for heat protection then, the canvas is the best option to choose. In case you do not want to block your view and don’t much care about the heat, a mesh fabric would be the best. And lastly, if you looking for colors and designs you should go for an acrylic awning.

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