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Which fuel is better for Towing; Petrol or Diesel?

March 26th, 2019 in General by

Which fuel to choose for towing your caravans; petrol or diesel? Its a big question for all the camping enthusiasts and although many of us are already partisans of diesel, as it is more economical than petrol, there are various factors to consider too.


Diesel VS Petrol

Petrol vs diesel choice concept


Torque in an automobile is the power transmitted through the tail shaft to the other components that cannot be connected directly. Typically diesel engines have greater torque which could be assigned to various reasons such as—they are turbocharged, they have high cylinder pressure and longer piston stroke lengths. This means diesel engines have higher strength and better towing capacity.


Diesel engines are more robust. With a higher compression ratio, a totally different ignition system and less corrosive byproducts diesel engines survive better as compared to their petrol counterparts. On the flip side, if a diesel engine goes awry, it takes a fortune to fix it.

Resale value

Diesel engines hold stable resale values as compared to petrol engines, major reasons being; they are economic and relatively reliable. Also, diesel engines slowly evolve as compared to petrol ones, that makes their resale higher.


Typically diesel engines are costlier than petrol engines and that makes them not for everyone. You pay a premium on diesel engines and to recover that premium you need to drive your diesel more.

The above discussion surely makes it easier to take a call to buy a diesel or petrol engine. It is clear once again that diesel engines are better than their petrol counterparts as diesel engines are dependable, have higher torque and higher resale value, the only argument against being they are costlier.

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