5 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Australia Day

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Australia has an interesting history of its foundation day. 26th January commemorates the foundation day of Australia. The 26th day of January marks the day of arrival of the first fleet of British ships in NSW in the year 1788. But it was the 01st day of January in 1901 that Australia was established as a separate country, declared by the federation formed by the British colonies of Australia. It was in 1935 that all the states of the country started to observe the day as Australia Day. Since 1994, the day has been consistently declared as a public holiday across the whole of Australia.

Australia Day

Coming to the present, this year, Australia Day falls on a Friday which makes it Australia Day Long Weekend and there are some amazing ways to celebrate it.

  1. Beach Camping

    Beach CampingEnjoying the beaches take long and there is nothing like a long weekend to explore every inch of a beach. If you live near to the coast, just hop on your trailer or a car (depends on how much luggage you want to carry along) and ride toward the water. And for those who reside far away from the oceans, a long weekend gives you all the traveling time that won’t hurt for a to and fro trip.

  1. BBQ Party

    BBQ PartyIf you are not willing to spend the long weekend or simply want to layback, a barbeque party is a thing for you. Fire up the barbeque in the backyard and smoke up a bacon, sausage or a fish.

  1. Australian Open

    Australian OpenWhat could be a better way to enjoy the Australia Day long weekend with tennis. One of the 4 prestigious events of the Grand Slam ㅡ Australian Open is a reason for pride. Sit back and enjoy the Men’s semi-final between Chung Hyeon of South Korea and the World Champion Roger Federer.

  1. Cricket

    CricketA great way to celebrate patriotism is to play a national sport. Be a true Aussie and don’t just sit back and watch it on TV, get out with a bunch of friends and hit some sixes and fours.

  1. Camping Trip

    Family vacation travel RV, holiday trip in motorhomeA long weekend definitely calls for a camping trip. Hit the road with your caravan, tag along with your family or friends and go around. A beach, an Outback, a camping site, whichever excites you, make the most of the long weekend.

  1. Fireworks

    FireworksThere are fireworks held across the country on the foundation Day and if you are residing in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or Canberra, you could witness some of the most spectacular fireworks of the day.

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