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Here comes February and with it comes one of the most awaited festivals of the year. Yes, you guessed it right—Valentine’s Day. The lovers’ festival, which it eventually came to be known for (as it is associated with romantic love), was not the primary reason though. It was later in the 14th century that it got associated with the present-day connotation of romantic love.
Today, it is widely celebrated by lovers and has acquired an amorous spirit. Well, the ways of celebrating the day have run-down as much as the popularity of the festival has grown. Here are 5 unusual ideas that we have for you to celebrate this Valentine's day.

1. Camping Trip

Yeah, you read it right, a camping trip on Valentine's day. It is as much exciting as it sounds strange. The most amazing thing a camping trip brings is—excitement. Even if one of you is an adventurous soul, you could talk him/her in for that exhilarating camping trip. Book a spot at a camping ground or just anchor somewhere in the outback, depending on your adrenaline levels, and spend a day and the evening soaked in love. A romantic camping trip is after all not a bad idea.
Camping trip

2. Volunteering

Coming from all the outback excitement to a completely opposite idea, but volunteering on Valentine's day is one thing you would remember for life. There are many charities which organize fundraising events on Valentine’s day like- a soup kitchen, community garden etc., you can pick one such event and spend a day with a noble feeling of giving away.

3. DIY Gift

Gifting is an inseparable part of any festival and so it is for Valentines Day. But this Valentine's, change the way you gift. What could be better than gifting your partner something you made. A DIY gift would not only add the love but also gives you an opportunity to customize it to the best extent.

4. Galentine’s Day

This is a unique way to celebrate Valentine’s with your girlfriends. Picking uptrend in the pop culture, literally Galentine is a portmanteau of Gals and Valentine, a day when girls can celebrate with their best friends a day together. Dedicate a whole day with your girlfriends is a nice way to tell them what importance they hold in your lives.
galentine day

5. Spa Date

Instead of going to a romantic dinner, how about a spa date? Something very unusual, but a great way to get all cozy in the spa with your partner. Snuggle up and enjoy the sensual date.
spa date
Do something really unusual on this Valentine’s that you would remember for your lifetime.
February 03, 2018 — admin