Art and music have been equally essential for our survival as air and water. Although they have always transformed through the ages, moulding themselves according to the contemporary time, they are immemorial as the earth itself. What the core elements (air and water) are to the physical body, art and music are to the soul and the mind.
 Summer Festivals in Australia
This summer of 2018 brings some of the most awesome art and music festivals in Australia that would drench your soul and mind in joy.

Adelaide Festival

(02nd-18th March 2018)
The Adelaide Festival of Arts is an art festival annually (since 2012) held in the capital of the South Australia—Adelaide, in the month of March. The festival held its first ceremony in 1960 and since then have been a major event for contemporary music, cabaret, literature, dance, opera, theatre and classical music.

Golden Plains Festival

(10th-12th March)
The town of Meredith, in Victoria, has this amazing outdoor musical event—Golden Plains Festival, on a farmland that is got itself nicknamed as Meredith Supernatural Amphitheater. The amazing thing about Golden Plains it is not commercially sponsored and so you won’t find any commercial signages. Though Golden Plains in relatively younger and was organized for the first time in 2007, yet it is one of the musical events that set you on fire.

Bluesfest Byron Bay

(29th March-02nd April)
No, it won’t give you any blues, rather is a gala that would take away all your blues. Moving from Victoria to NSW, this music festival of blues and roots was formerly known as East Coast International Blues & Roots Music Festival, Byron Bay Bluesfest is held in Byron Bay area of NSW. The 5-day long festival started as a 3-day festival in 1990 but later was extended to its current duration. The festival has not only been popular among the general public but has also attracted many celebrities. The crowd goes over 100 thousand people and witnesses about 200 performances in a time period of 5 days.

Secret Garden Festival

(23rd-24th February)
This is one of its kind music festival that would make you go mad. A 2-day music festival which is themed on forest dress-up. It is held at a secret location (which is disclosed just a few days prior) every year which is an hour out of Sydney and the festival has a patronage of over 5000 every year. A lot of popular Australian artists participate to perform at the Secret Garden. The music and exuberance in the ambience give a feel of Woodstock.


(15th-22nd January)
Museum of Old & New Art: Festival of Music & Art, that describes it all. MONA FOMA is an acronym given to that and is even shortened to MOFO sometimes. MONA FOMA is held on the Australian island state of Tasmania. Hobart, the capital of Tasmania holds the crazy event every year. One of the youngest music festivals in Australia (incepted in 2009), the MONA FOMA is a mix of sound, noise, dance and visual art.
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