Labour Day/Eight Hours Day/May Day known by several names across Australia falls on Monday despite different dates. Labour Day on 05th of March, Monday in Western Australia, marks another long weekend. Plan this long weekend doing beach camping, a BBQ party, playing cricket or simply a hit the road on a camping trip.
Labour Day
Whatever you do on the upcoming long weekend, there is something interesting to know about the history of Labour day in Australia and why every state has a different date for it.
The history of labour day goes back to the mid 19th century. Back then the working hours in a day were 12 and the week had six working days. People started realizing better working conditions that were possible by getting the 12 hours time down to more humane hours. A victory march was held on 12th May 1856 in Melbourne, almost after the march to the Parliament House by stonemasons on 21st April 1856 to push eight-hour working day. In the same year, the state of New South Wales adopted the new work regulation, which was followed by Queensland two years later, South Australia in the year 1873 and in 1874 by Tasmania.
Although Queensland followed the new work regulation in 1858, the Labour Day celebration took place on 16th March 1861. In Western Australia since 1948, the Labour Day is observed on the first Monday in March as the eight-hour day was granted on that day.

Observing Day


First Monday in October NSW & South Australia
Second Monday in March Victoria & Tasmania
First Monday in March Western Australia
First Monday in May Northern Territory & Queensland
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