5 Things You Should Avoid on a Campground

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A camping trip is a great leisure activity, especially when you plan for a campground camping trip. A camping trip to a campground is quite different from say, a backpacking or primitive camping where you are not accompanied by fellow campers around on a remote location. On a campground, there are people around and you expect, as well as behave in a certain way that should not offensive in any way to either of you.  


There are somethings that shouldn’t be done. So, what are these common camping etiquettes which should be avoided to make a campground camping trip more fun? 

Things to Avoid on a Campground:


Alcohol goes well with camping, but in case you are going to a state park, make sure they allow alcohol, as some state parks with good campgrounds do not allow alcohol. Plus, if you carry alcohol, stay put after consuming it, do not drink and drive or bother your fellow campers. 

Do not barge into other’s space

Rented camping space at a campground or a state park is a personal camping space you rent and try to make a home away from home to relax. You wouldn’t want someone to barge in your territory and intrude. Similarly, a fellow camper would not want the same. Do not cut through campsites and spaces which are already occupied. 

Do not let your pets roam around

About half of campers bring along their pets, especially dogs. Pets could be very annoying others if they are let to roam around the campsite. The uninvited guests roam around to steal a snack or just to nose around. Always put a leash on your canines and define their area of scope. If you want a longer stride for them, accompany them. 

Mute your canine

Dogs could be annoying in an absolutely another way if they unstoppably bark. This could prove to be very irritating for others around the campground who might have come for some quiet time. Buy a bark collar if you plan to bring along your dog to a campground. 

Turn it down after late

Although almost all campgrounds have rules for music, you need to abide by those. There are some campers you just can’t contain the excitement and keep the music loud especially after getting high on booze. Follow the quiet hour’s decree or otherwise, you may end up with embarrassing requests from the campground management. 

Clean it up

Another very annoying thing when you pitch at your spot on a campground is finding trash around it, which was left over by the previous occupant. If you do not like to discover trash, do not spread it as well. Clean your spot before you leave the campground so that the next camper gets a clean spot to pitch his tent. 

 We should always remember that the things that we do not expect, we should not be a cause of them as well. Do not carry out activities which we do not expect on a campground while on our stay or when we enter it. 

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