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5 Tips to Handle Sickness While Camping

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Handling sickness is a very situational thing at home, with everything within our reach such as doctor, pharmacy, worst case, even the hospital, it is much easier. But what if you are out there on a camping trip and you fall sick? Getting sick is the worst thing that could happen to on a camping trip. With no readily available help, it could be a little difficult to handle camping sickness.


But what if you are out there on a camping trip and you fall sick? It is an altogether different ball game, despite the severity level (if it is low) of the sickness.

Here are a few tips to counter sickness while you are on a camping trip:

Carrying Electrolyte

An electrolyte is a substance that produces an electrically conducting solution when dissolved in water. In other words, it carries some important salts that are helpful in re-hydrating your body. In case you are dehydrated while camping in summers or simply get diarrhoea or intoxicated, an electrolyte is a saviour.


Your first aid box might have antiseptic creams, lotions, bandages but it is yet not complete. Having at hand, meds such for nausea, headache, stomach ache pills helps relieve you from the general medical conditions.

Stay Warm

Even if you are not camping in winters, carrying all that stuff which keeps you warm is not at all a bad idea. And why is that? In case, you catch a fever, a blanket or a sleeping bag would be the best thing to keep you warm. Spare a blanket or a cosy sleeping bag on every camping trip.

Drinkable Water

Water is the base of every disease as it is very easily contaminable. Carry as much drinking water as you can and in case you can’t go beyond a point, make sure to buy water while on the way. Do not experiment with any water available on a camping site such as a pond or a waterfall, which might not be drinkable and may have the potential to make you sick while camping.

Contact Details

In case you are not in a large group or you are relatively in a secluded region you do not have to worry about the surroundings. Get the contact details of local police or park rangers, it can be very useful in case of a medical emergency.

Next time you plan a camping trip, just remember prevention is better than cure.

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