Ever thought of taking along kids on a camping trip? Well, to many of us family or friends pop up in the mind when we talk about camping company. But there are a lot of us who have small kids and the first thing that pops up (even when they hear about a plan as trivial as going to a movie) is “the kids!” (and the thought is accompanied not by excitement but with apprehension, obviously). Well, this angst makes us say no to camping with kids, as it is a heck of a job dealing with their sleep issues on a camping trip which could be close to an ordeal.
Kids to Sleep on a Camping Trip
Although, camping is something your kids would enjoy like anything accompanied with learning and great memories. Camping is possible with kids and kids are possible with camping. Wondering how? Here are 7 amazing tips that could get your kids sleep on time on a camping trip:

1. Early start-

Early to rise is a good thing in general but on a camping trip it is just great as it would your kids to sleep on time in the night. The simple science behind this is, the time of our sleep depends on the time we got up in the morning, as our brain needs a mandatory rest after a period of time.

2. Deploy the energy-

Have a keen look at the energy levels of kids and adults. You would find kids have a lot more energy than the adults and they keep going with it. This is the right time to deploy all that energy. Engage your kids in physical activities and by the end of the day, they will get much tired to hit the sack.

3. Minimal daytime rest while travelling-

Travelling in a moving vehicle can be really boring and even can put adults to sleep. Kids would generally sleep on the back seat or else where in the camper if they are not engaged, eventually keeping them wide awake when the night falls. You could let them take rest for a while travelling, but not for too long. Turn on the music is a great option to keep them rocking.

4. Set up soon-

Another great way to engage your kids is to get them involved in setting up the tent. But for that, you need to reach the site on time. Getting late in setting up can make the kids cranky as they are already exhausted. In case the destination is not close, you can break the journey into parts, thereby letting the kids enjoy the breaks.

5. Silence please-

If there are kids, there has to be noise. But it is important to control the noise as the sensory overload would make it difficult to get them to sleep. Engage your kids in silent activities like playing cards, reading books, writing an essay on the day, fishing etc.

6. Time to hit the sack-

It is more important to set the time to g to bed on a camping trip than on usual days. Kids would love to stretch the sleeping time as they know there is no school next day. Make sure they go to bed on time keeping their sleep pattern intact.

7. Comfortable sleeping-

One strong reason the kids get cranky on a trip uncomfortable sleeping. Get the cosiest stuff for your kids on a camping trip, after all after the hard day long, they deserve a snuggly sleep.
Next time you plan a camping trip, do not hesitate to bring along the kids.
September 14, 2017 — admin