Life could be divided into ages, not numeric but periods. Every age (a period of time) has its own speciality, making each patch of time distinct from others. Although, this exclusivity is important, there are few things which can not be bound by age (and this unbounding is important with certain things in order to enjoy life to the fullest).

Camping Tips For Seniors

One such thing is camping. It is widely perceived that camping is made for young people as it is mostly done by them. But it is a myth. According to research, there is a rise of 4% in the age group of 65 plus who are going camping, and this number would keep growing. Times are already changing and you need to be a part of it, with thought read the below camping tips for seniors and set out on a camping trip:

Choose Easier Terrains

Although you shouldn’t be less excited than any age group, still there are certain things that age slowly takes away from you. No matter how strong-willed you are, at this age, the physical rigor fades away. Anyway, that is not to dissuade you, rather just to tell you should choose easier terrains as the difficult landscape would take a toll on you.

Abundant Food and Water

This advice is generic advice and is given to everyone who is planning a camping trip. Yet advising seniors about carrying sufficient food and water has its own importance. It is relatively easier for young people to gather food and water in case of a shortage, being seniors it becomes difficult to do that. Carry slightly more than enough food with you which would always keep you loaded.


Safety Kit and Medication

Carrying a safety kit are another generic advice, but once again it holds more importance for seniors. Age reduces the immunity of the body but you don’t need to carry the whole dispensary with you but make sure the right things are there. Remember to take along any medication you are on along with the safety kit.

Stay Warm

Staying warm becomes extremely important in winters and at times nightly essential in summers as temperature drops in open fields. Well, cold can be bad for any age group, still staying warm becomes imperative for seniors. Take along blankets/quilts and if you want to be on a safer side you could carry insulation blankets. Do not exhaust yourself in tiring activities like cutting woods for a bonfire.

Senior Passes

Nothing could be more amazing than enjoying the state benefits for seniors. Not only the state gives many benefits to seniors in general, but also provide subsidized tickets on the entry in national parks. Even camping shows and other campsites give subsidized entries. If nothing else, this could surely make you all up for a camping trip.

Remember age is just a number, you are young if you are young at heart. Plan your camping trip now.

September 11, 2017 — admin