From the early men to the homo sapiens, we have always tried to be self-sufficient. And the urge of being self-sufficient has always heightened with the evolution. Being at any point of time in life, be it as regular as our daily routine or as unusual as a war, we collect and store things to be self-supporting. Somewhere between the daily regimen and war is one of the activities done for leisure and travel and it is camping.

Camping Trip

A camping trip is not as usual as a daily routine and not as threatening as a war, still, it requires to be a little more self-sufficient. Here is the list of things which are strictly in the order of need to make your camping trip self-sufficient:


Food is the most important thing for our survival and it becomes more important when you are on a camping trip. Carry ready to eat as well as ready to cook food with cooking, heating and refrigerating appliances.


The next most important thing is water. We may have abundant water or readily available water at our homes but on camping, trip water becomes a luxury. There is a wide range of options to carry water on a camping trip, depending on how resourceful your trip is like- jerry cans, water bottles, water bladders, water tanks, RO (Reverse Osmosis) units and filtering systems.


Protection or shelter is also one of the natural and basic requirements to survive. A camping trip has to be fully equipped to meet the needs of protection from the elements and other harmful things of nature. Get best quality awnings and tents that would be just as good as a roof on the head making you protected.


You would carry stoves and other gas appliances to heat your food but there is something more important to be kept warm on a camping trip and that is you. After night falls, the temperature drops especially when you are in an open field or probably you are more adventurous than an average person and plan a camping trip in winters. You need to carry everything that keeps you warm like sleeping bags and thermal blanket without compromising on the quality.


Ablutions are a natural part of our lives and we may survive without bathing but answering the nature’s call is as important as any other thing to survive. Although there are public toilets available in national park sites, the best way is to carry portable toilets along. They are hassle-free and readily available anywhere anytime. If the trip is long it becomes important to take a bath. You can keep the very basic things like a bucket and flannel or if you wish to a little luxurious, you can get solar shower bags.

Power to Lighten Up

Camping trips are not only about the day time fun. Nights give you a completely different perspective and all you need is to lighten up the darkness around. Headlamps, LEDs, lanterns are some cheap options that are good enough to throw some light. There are other off-grid options to electrify your camping trip like solar panels.

Remember to carry the 6 things mentioned above next time you plan a camping trip and you would be all self-sufficient without a regret.

August 25, 2017 — admin