Camping Pantry

Going on a camping trip is when you take time off your busy schedule and want to relax all through the time. Although relaxing the whole time could not be the only thing you would do because there is something more important than that, and it is food. Wherever you go in the world you can’t live without food and when you are on something like a camping trip you can’t be pardoned from cooking as you are not in a restaurant. While camping you need many  camping gadgets to make the most out of your trip and to cook, you need the whole kitchen with dishes, cutlery, paper rolls, plastic boxes, eatables and what not. Imagine all these things scattered around on a camping trip, that would be the worst nightmare.

Well, to save you from the mess the hassle-free answer is a camping pantry. A camping pantry would save you time and energy thus spending more time enjoying. Before you buy a camping pantry consider the following points:

  1. Easy- Carrying something like a camping pantry could be a real hassle and so the makers today design them to knock down. Although knock-down pantries are available in a great variety, picking the right one could be a difficult job. Choose your camping pantry considering it is foldable and how easy it is to assemble, you don’t want to keep assembling a camping pantry all through the trip.

  1. Compact- Remember you are planning a camping trip and not moving to a new house and that is why you need a pantry that folds maximum. Although it becomes difficult to choose such a pantry as the more a pantry folds, the more moving parts it has and in turn making it vulnerable to twist or fall. On the other hand, a pantry which doesn’t fold much, comes with lesser moving parts. Choosing the compactness completely depends on your requirement.

  1. Strength- Although the points are not prioritized, strength comes third. You have a lot of stuff on your camping trip and you don’t want your camping pantry to fall off or twist making matters worse. Choose for a pantry which has fewer hinges and knuckles and is more solid. A pantry should be erect even after all the food and stuff is loaded onto it.

  1. Weight- Bearing in the middle- Next important factor to consider before buying a camping pantry is how is the weight bearing in the middle. Many times the mid shelf is precarious and loses the ground on putting items like boxes, tins and bottles. You could check the weight-bearing capacity of the pantry by loading the middle shelf/shelves with stuff.

A camping pantry is a must for all your trips irrespective of the duration of the camping trip. Buy one before you plan to hit the road.