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7 Awesome Things to do on This Halloween

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Here comes that part of the year which brings fright, excitement and fun. Yeah…you guessed it right…the last day of October brings the Halloween. Halloween is an age-old western Christian festival which is dedicated to remembering the dead. Everyone, whether a grownup or a child has something to enjoy on this festival. There are a lot of things you can do on Halloween apart from just scaring people. We have tried to list the following activities for you to do on Halloween that would make it more fun and bring the true spirit of the festival:

Horror flicks

What could be a better time than Halloween to watch horror movies? Even if you are scaredof watching horror movies, don’t be a wuss this Halloween and watch a couple of horror movies, it would be an adventure of a lifetime

Distribute candies

Probably an activity which kids enjoy the most is getting all dressed up in the macabre costumes and go around the neighborhood asking for trick or treat. Be the candy distributor this Halloween and once you run out of candies, be prepared for the tricks.


There is no better reason to have a Halloween-themed party than on Halloween itself. Organize a Halloween party at your place and you would get to see your friends in the scariest of the avatars. Nothing is more exciting than a Halloween party.

Ghost stories on Camping

This could really run a chill down your spine. Not most of the people do this, but if you are more than the average adventurer, plan a camping trip on Halloween with your friends, and share some of the hair-raising ghost stories in the tent.

Ouija Board

Take out that Ouija board from the attic or simply buy one and get ready for another adventurous activity i.e. talking to the dead. Gather up all the courage and call the spirits of anyone you wish to talk to.\

Carve the Pumpkin

Get to the basics. Pumpkins are symbolic to Halloweens. Carve the pumpkins out for the Halloween spirit. Well, it could turn more fun a contest is organized for pumpkin carving. Just think how much fun it is to carve a pumpkin and now multiply with the number of people you involve.


The warmth of the festival and the warmth of the bonfire…wow, there is nothing better than that. Light up a bonfire and gather around it with friends and family and cherish these memories forever.

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