Camping always gives goose pimples and that is the sign that it is exciting. Camping can never go boring because you have a choice every time; you could change your company every other time, you can plan camping in different seasons and every season gives a different excitement.


The one thing that makes camping exciting than anything else is the spot. There are hundreds of places you can camp around and that is the life of camping. Although, choosing the ‘life’ is not that easy and you need to consider several things before you pick the right spot to set it all up. Here are 6 tips that would help you consider a spot worth of setting up your campsite.


You are obviously carrying along your own shelter (tent), but here the shelter means the natural shade. Trees provide the natural shade and you might consider a shadowy spot to set up your camp, especially in summers when the days go warmer by each passing hour. Although you need to take care about what kind of tree you are considering for a shady spot. A dead or a hollow tree might not be very good choice. If you are quite an adventurous soul and set out for camping in the rainy season, do not set up your camp right under a tree. Trees attract lightning like magnets attract iron. Remember, lightning strikes just once!


Another important thing to consider before freezing your campsite is the leveling of the ground. In case the ground is sloped you would roll down in your sleep or worse you can get all your blood travel to your head (in case you put your head down on the slope while sleeping). Also watch for the craters or depressions, in case it rains your campsite might be in a pond.

Size of Your Requirement

The area you want to cover depends on the size of your requirement. You should be clear with things like- size of your tent if you would light a bonfire if you would need chairs and tables. All these things would have a direct impact on the area you want to select. At times you need to consider even the size of your caravan as it may not fit in the spot.


Just like rains, winds play an important role in considering a camping spot. Cool winds could be soothing as anything, especially in the summer days. You would rather wish for a breeze in the evening after a hot day. Though the same winds, you would not prefer in the winters. The temperature in winters is already low and if it is windy it would make situations worse. Another thing with winds is they could get harsh as at higher velocities they can be disastrous for a campsite. Pick the right spot considering the weather and the wind velocity.

Other Resources and Overall Site Condition

You might not want to get too far away from the world and other resources and so you should consider a campsite which has resources like water and medical assistance in proximity. You don’t want to get secluded and want people around just at the right distance (not too close not too far), pick a national park instead. Before setting up your campsite inspect the whole area for any kind of debris, wild animals, snake holes etc. that might be a threat to peaceful abode.

November 14, 2017 — admin