A Checklist Before You Hit The Road on a Caravanning TripThey say ‘precaution is better than cure’ and this adage would hold true forever. Before starting anything we know there would contingency as the future is unpredictable and that is why we take all the possible unfortunate outcomes into consideration and try to find a way they do not occur.
Something which requires a thorough planning is travelling and travelling on a camping trip makes it more important. There are several things that you should check before you set on a camping trip and here we have listed them for our convenience.
1. Weather Conditions- Weather plays an important role in something like a camping trip. A bad weather could ruin your trip as much as a pleasant one can make it. Obviously seasons play an important role, still, weather conditions fluctuate and checking a forecast is not at all a bad idea.
2. Share Your Caravan Details- Step ahead with a positive foot, at the same time cover up an eventuality. Share as many details of the camping trip and your caravan with a close friend or a neighbour. Not only your family should know about your whereabouts, but if you out with your family than an extended family should know about it.
3. Set the Caravan to Suit the Purpose of the Trip- A common purpose of a trip is spending quality and leisure time with friends or family. The purpose could be same but the company can be different. Set your caravan according to the company you have; you need to carry medicines and variety of food in case you are with the family.
4. Send the Caravan to the Garage- While you are planning every other thing about the trip, send your caravan to a garage/mechanic and get it inspected. A good inspection could save you a great hassle, as they say ‘a stitch in time saves nine.
5. Use Maps- It would be silly to advise to carry maps. Today with the advent of technology we have maps on our phones and even in our cars. Maps are the best way to navigate through not only city traffic but an adventurous trip as well.
6. Amenities- A camping trip cannot exactly be a home away from home yet it can be close enough. Try to have basic amenities on the trip like camping showers, portable toilets, awnings, tents etc.
7. Towing- A camping trip is all about towing. In case you are new to camping, make sure you learn to tow. There are a lot of camping clubs which have courses for towing caravans, you could learn the best/efficient ways to tow a caravan and the dos and don'ts too.
8. Know Your Caravan- Just like you know your car, you need to know your caravan too. As you do not get much chance to learn about it, you need to be thorough with the user manual. Go through every corner and part of your caravan, we are sure you would discover something new about it.
Next time before you set on a camping journey, do not forget to add these points and strike them through in your checklist.
November 23, 2017 — admin