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7 Essential Caravan Features You Need For A Successful Camping Trip

Last Updated On February 28th, 2022 in General by

Are you planning to head out in your caravan with your family & friends? Caravanning is one of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful Australian outdoors.

Do you have a caravan, or are you planning to buy one? If buying a new one, you are more likely to get exhausted while choosing because of the options available.

However, we have rounded up a list of some essential caravan features that you need to look out for in a caravan if you want your camping trip to be successful. If not buying one, make sure to equip your existing caravan with these essentials.

Caravan Camping Trip

Essential Caravan Features

Pleasant Interior

You might be wondering why the caravan interior should be top-class as you will be spending most of your time outdoors. But you never know. It might be too hot or cold to stay outside, or you might need some privacy from the neighbors. Whatever may be the reason, you will surely step in. So, make sure it has certain features like comfortable seating and good lighting to make the caravan feel homely.

Air Conditioner

The scorching heat at the campsite would be enough to make you feel overwhelmed and head back home. But that’s when an air conditioner comes in. Install an AC in your caravan to keep the temperature inside cool & comfortable.

Proper Ventilation

Caravanners are likely to head out camping during the hot summer months. The caravan gets pretty hot inside and unbearable, especially at night. If you, too, are planning to camp during summer, remember that large windows & roof vents are caravan necessities for ventilation. These would help circulate the air by bringing in some fresh cool air and eliminating the humidity & hot air inside.

Electrical System

When you go caravanning, there may not be multiple power sources. And that’s when a power distribution box comes in. It allows you to power several devices. The power distribution box is a must-have for your camping trip. It eliminates the mess and power wastage. Instead, it makes charging the devices while camping more convenient and efficient.


Mess in the caravan is something inevitable. But you can keep it at bay by storing everything in our internal storage system. It is a convenient solution to store your daily essentials and keep them within reach.

Portable Fridge

A portable, handy fridge is a must-have to keep the food & drinks cool in the summer heat. Whether you are going away for a day or a week-long camping trip, ensure you have got your hands on this caravan essential before leaving.

Extended Living Area

Often we fall short of living space while camping. But, that could be solved within seconds with Xtend Outdoors’s Inflatable Extension Room.

Whether you want extra space for children, storing your camping equipment, or outdoor recreational purposes like cooking, playing, etc., attaching an extension room to your caravan gets you ample space.

Good Quality Wheels

The campers mostly overlook this. To avoid the accident on the way, make sure you check the condition of the caravan wheels before leaving. If they are damaged, get them replaced. Also, ensure keeping a spare wheel with yourself and a tool kit.


Make your caravan road-ready for the next camping trip by equipping it with the essentials mentioned above. You need not search for separate providers for buying and installing these into your caravan. Xtend Outdoors is your one-stop solution. We do not just offer the latest caravan modifications but even install them wherever you are in Australia.

Contact Xtend Outdoors.


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