Are you canceling your camping trip or switching your favorite camping spot because of no shower & shower blocks? Well, you need not!
Of course, we are not telling you not to shower on your trip! We are here with the solution for you.
Xtend 4wd Shower Tent
Take along a Camping Shower & Camping Shower Tent with yourself!
Whether traveling in the woods, on the beach, or anywhere outdoors, with a camping shower and right camping shower tent, you can have a relaxing hot or cold shower anytime, anywhere! Literally, anytime, anywhere!

What Is A Camping Shower, And How Does It Help In The Outdoors?

Usually, people take along a bucket & mug for showering at the campsite. But with a camping shower, you need not unnecessarily add extra load. It is basically a simple, portable shower system that allows you to easily take a shower in the outdoors.
Unlike the regular standing shower, the camping showers do not require any plumbing system. You can shower at the campsite quickly by hanging a lightweight & space-efficient camping shower.
Not just for taking a shower, but a camping shower can be helpful for washing or cleaning purposes at the campsite.

Types of Camping Showers

Solar Camping Showers

Solar camping showers are the most simple, space-saving type of showers available in the market. This type of camping shower eases the task of heating the water. You need not do anything; just place this shower in the sunlight to heat the water.

Propane Camping Showers

If you are heading out in the cloudy weather or want to have hot water throughout your trip, consider taking along a propane camping shower. The water in these types of camping showers is heated with the help of coils and burners. The only drawback is that these are slightly heavy and expensive.

Battery Powered Camping Showers

Having a battery-powered camping shower is best if you do not want to draw water using a manual pump. It allows you to control the temperature and water pressure on your own. But, make sure to keep extra batteries with you.

Vehicle-Fitted Camping Showers

In this type of camping shower, the heat exchanger is attached underneath the vehicle's hood to heat the water, and the vehicle's battery powers the water pump to draw the water.

Gravity Camping Showers

The water runs out the showerhead when the shower is hung high somewhere.

Where To Take A Shower?

Now, you must be worrying about where to take a shower as shower rooms at the campsite are quite rare. Well, here's when a camping shower tent comes in.
A shower tent is a portable room that allows you to take a shower or change clothes anytime, anywhere with complete privacy.

How To Choose The Right Camping Shower Tent?

Before buying a camping shower tent for your camping trip, you need to know whether it is right for you or not. Here are some factors based on which you can choose the right camping shower tent.


Camping shower tents come in a variety of sizes. Make sure you choose the one appropriate for your height so that you do not have to crouch if small or struggle to make any adjustments if large enough.


The right camping shower tent must be quick & easy to install & uninstall. While choosing, make sure to test out the camping shower tent, know how long it will take, whether it is heavy or light whether it can be installed single-handedly or if the setup will require two or more people.


A camping shower tent remains quite exposed to the outdoor elements. So, the material should be durable, high-quality, sturdy, and water-resistant.


Find a lightweight and compact camping shower tent that is easy to carry anywhere & space-saving.

Must-Have Features

Check whether the tent is adjustable and has storage pockets to keep toiletries & other personal items within reach.


Once you have got the camping shower of your choice, you need not struggle to find the right camping shower tent.
At Xtend Outdoors, we have a top-quality camping shower tent for your vehicle, which can be set up in just 30 seconds. Not just this, it is portable, adjustable, has the required features, and everything that a right camping shower tent must be.
January 26, 2022 — admin