Before planning a camping trip, packing your 4WD and caravan is equally important as packing your essentials. When it comes to packing your vehicle, there might be a requirement of making a few advanced additions or repairs.
There are multiple caravans and 4WD specialists in Australia who either manufacture, sell, service, or install caravan and 4WD modifications. But, finding a single provider that does it all is tough as there are only a few of them.
Australia Wide Annexes
Xtend Outdoors is a leading Australian brand that comes to you with the comprehensive, tailored caravan and 4WD solutions nationwide. We provide 4WD and caravan modifications that would keep all the troubles and inconvenience at bay.

Caravan Flooring

Caravan Flooring
The outdoor setup not only involves covering sides and having a shade on top; adding flooring is equally important. What will you sleep or relax on? Grass? Rough surface? or take along a thin bed sheet to spread over? You might invite many unforeseen events in such cases.
We can set your outdoor setup instantly and ensure you comfort underfoot at the campsite with our modern yet easy-to-set-up caravan annex flooring. You can choose from vinyl, rubber, and mesh flooring for your outdoor setup based on your requirements.

Fiamma F45 Anti-Flap Kit

Fiamma F45 Anti-Flap Kit
Along with you, even the caravan additions like an awning require protection from the winds. It often gets difficult to prevent the awning from flapping in the gusty winds. The winds might also tear off the awning.
Well, installing an anti-flap kit is an advanced solution to fix a flappy awning and ensure its stability even when things get out of control.

4WD Shower Tent

Xtend 4wd Shower Tent
The thought of no showers or no changing at your selected campsite scaring you? We have got a modern solution at your rescue, a 4WD shower tent. Our portable shower tent takes just 30 seconds to set up and allows you to shower and change anytime, anywhere.
The tent is made from tear-resistant material and is an excellent space-saver that can be easily adjusted to your vehicle's height using the straps.

EvaKool Fridge

Camping Portable Fridge
Are you looking for a handy solution to keep your food & drinks cool while camping in the harsh Australian heat? Well, the EvaKool portable fridge would keep the contents cool irrespective of how hot it is outdoors. EvaKool is Australia's leading brand that manufactures and supplies high-quality portable iceboxes, fridges, and freezers. Whether you are going for a day out or a week-long camping trip, you can definitely count on this solution.

Clearview Towing Mirrors

Towing mirrors
Towing a caravan is unsafe without the towing mirrors. Replace your vehicle's standard side mirrors with Clearview towing mirrors. These mirrors allow you to see what is behind the caravan easily, drive in the traffic, and change lanes safely. Clearview towing mirrors instantly increase the rear vision and can also be extended.

Australia Wide Annexe

Xtend Outdoors is the leading brand that manufactures customized Australia Wide Annexes for camping enthusiasts. This modernized solution eliminates the need of pitching a tent at the campsite. With this, you can extend your living space within minutes. Whether you need a custom fit annexe, or service the existing one, Xtend Outdoors takes care of all your annexe needs.

Get Installed Everything in Your Caravan and 4WD At Xtend Outdoors

You need not search and take your vehicle to different technicians or providers. Xtend Outdoors is one of those few caravans and 4WD specialists who come to you wherever you are in Australia.
December 09, 2021 — admin