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Tips for Getting the Best of Your Camping Fridge

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Out for a camping trip? In Australia, relaxing in the great outdoors and enjoying a beautiful view with your family asks for some fresh fruits and vegetables with some icy drinks on the beach. But how is it possible to get these? It is possible to get home like accessibility on the trip with a camping fridge.

To avoid rotten fruits and soggy sandwiches, buy a camping fridge for the trip. It is a feasible option to keep your food and drinks cold and fresh while camping. While buying a new camping fridge, we have listed some handy tips to help you buy the best one.

Portable Fridge - Xtend Outdoors

Choose the Best You Could Afford

Quality and quantity matter the most while buying a camping fridge for your trip. Consider purchasing the high-quality fridge in the budget, as the quality product tends to last for years than the usual. A good & branded quality camping fridge would come with better services, better warranty, and easily available spare parts. Selecting the best ones in all would save money and reduce additional problems for future trips with your family and friends.

When it comes to the fridge’s quantity, it will require less fridge space than taking fresh food if you are carrying canned veggies. You might think that a small fridge would do for some time, but what if you go along with the group of people in the future? It will ask for more space to store food and drinks. If you can re-stock during the trip, you can consider a small-sized fridge, but to be on the safer side, buy the bigger fridge.

When finally buying the fridge, install fridge slides and drawer systems. These would make taking out and keeping in something easier. Otherwise, it will require you to put in much more effort each time you want to take out or keep in something. These are worth installing to make the trip effortless & feasible.

Select a Sturdy & Portable Fridge

Being portable must be the key function of a camping fridge. A portable fridge is an important part that can make all the difference on the trip. If it is portable enough, it would be flexible for you to carry and use anywhere. Garage, camper trailer, caravan, or even beach, wherever you want to take it with you.

Ensure that the fridge comes up with sturdy handles and a hard exterior. Those would make it durable, withstanding the multiple knocks on the rugged roads and developing a good grip for moving it.

A camping fridge/freezer

You also have the option of buying a portable fridge/freezer for your caravan. Some models could alternate between freezing and cooling while some other models offer two different compartments both for freezing and cooling.

This is a great option that would make it easy to get fresh food and chilled drink together.


Make sure everything is easily accessible and kept neat & tidy. Protect the fridge from the hot Australian sun and other elements, cover it with Xtend Outdoors Fridge Shade. Manufactured from high-quality shade mesh that keeps the heat off the caravan’s aluminum wall and restricts it from reaching the fridge wall.

Now, it would be easier for you to sit back with fresh food and a cold can of coffee in your hand and relax anywhere, anytime.

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