What is the first thing that is to be done right after you return from a holiday – camping in your caravan? Cleaning.

It is important to keep all your camping equipment clean, whether it is a caravan, motorhome, or tent. A thorough cleaning will ensure that the equipment lasts longer and make the next trip easier.

When cleaning, you need to speed up to get those stubborn stains or mold off so you can rest before you get back to your job. We are giving you a helping hand by listing some tips.

Tips for cleaning your caravan

Make your caravan shine and winter-ready by keeping these tips in mind:

1. Wipe off the caravan inside out before putting it back to storage as the dirt can leave a permanent stain on it. Do not use a car shampoo and avoid using a high-pressure hose.

2. If you don’t want to wait before leaving for your next holiday, consider checking if there are any scratches or cracks and are all parts up to date. Get repaired or order new ones if required.

3. Inspect the gas supply, if needed, and check the gas connection, gas hose, and gas protection. Also, remove the gas bottles from the caravan and store them safely at your home.

4. Check whether the caravan is still waterproof or not and get defects repaired if any.

5. Check the tires and inflate at recommended tire pressure before storing them in. It will help in preventing tires from flattening out. Also, do check the spare tire is at the correct pressure too.

6. Check if all the lights are in working condition or not. These include indicators, brake, fog, reversing lights, number plate, and also the lighting inside the caravan through the control panel.

7. For the batteries to last longer, keep them charged with a trickle charger.

8. Check the locks and hinges are working, if not, lubricate them and keep the rubber around the door flexible by using talc.

9. Check all the water taps, and clean and disinfect the pipes and water tank. Make sure there is no water remaining as it will freeze and can cause severe damage.

10. Check the refrigerator and hot water installation are working well.

11. Clean the toilet and flush off all the fluid from the caravan.

12. Purchase a good caravan cover to protect it from rust damage and to increase the caravan’s lifespan.

13. Take the final check and slightly ajar cupboards, doors, and windows. Now, put the caravan into storage.

Tips for cleaning your tent

To increase the lifespan of your tent, keep in mind these useful tips after your camping trip:

1. Pitch your tent at the place away from bird droppings and resins or clean it as soon as possible.

2. Make sure to remove any stones, fir cones, and tent pegs on the ground before spreading your tent’s groundsheet as sharp edges can damage the tent.

3. Avoid dishwashing inside or near the tent as condensation may destroy the waterproofing of the tent.

4. For extra insulation and saving time in cleaning after heading off, place a clean sheet under the tent so that it does not get dirty.

When you return home:

1. Hang up the tent as soon as you reach home if it is wet and damped.

2. While cleaning, brush down softly and do not use soap or detergent; instead, use some hot water.

3. Rub an ice cube over resin stains on the tent and hot water for cleaning bird droppings.

4. Store your tent wisely in a cotton bag for proper ventilation.

Tips for cleaning your motorhome

1. For condensation, empty the fuel tank.

2. For preventing brakes from getting jammed, use a braking wedge and put them in front of the wheels.

3. If necessary, check the antifreeze level and fill up the cooling system.

Before driving for washing the motorhome:

1. Not all the models are suitable for car washing. Ask the manufacturer if camping equipment can go through the carwash. And what special they have for car washing a motorhome/caravan.

2. When deciding to use a high-pressure hose, make sure the motorhome can withstand it. Take care of the windows and not damage the paint layer of the motorhome or a caravan.


Use special cleaning products for cleaning your caravan, tent, or any other camping equipment to make them last longer and remain safe when in storage. Check out Xtend Outdoors Cleaning Products specialized for maintaining and cleaning every piece of camping equipment.


February 25, 2021 — admin